Driven supple-mental?

Most of us will have heard supplements used as a B.S excuse at some point in the past. Possibly even from our own mouths. ‘Nah, I’m not exercising as much anymore, these supplements I’m on do a lot of the work now.”

Nonsense and we know it. But if you thought using supplements to skip gym time was pretty weak sauce, imagine using them to try and avoid potential jail time.

It’s next level crazy, but that’s what 35 year old Sean Bigsby claimed in court as he pled guilty to sexual assault on a woman at his local gym. His defence was that use of a natural T booster and protein powder had somehow triggered the bizarre behaviour.


Uhhhhh, okay mate.

Is this for real?

Amazingly, yes. After a gym session at Clissold Leisure Centre in northeast London last November, Bigsby entered the ladies changing rooms naked. There he proceeded to brush himself inappropriately up against a woman who was washing her hands at the time.

The woman in question reports that to begin with she just thought the whole thing was an embarrassing mistake.

Rather than his damn mind, she assumed the man had simply lost his way and chosen the wrong door. But when unwanted physical contact was made she realised his intent and told him in no uncertain terms where to go.

When caught, Bigbsy protested that the natural supplements he was taking had left him ‘confused and disorientated’

His lawyer, Alexander Taylor-Camara, said (presumably with as much of a straight face as he could muster,)

“The mixture he was taking may have combined not to make his mental state the best.”

Unfortunately for this dirty defendant, Judge Karim Khalil who was hearing the case has two working ears and a brain. He dismissed the excuse. Bigsby was told to pay £1,200 ($1,576) to cover the prosecution costs and £750 ($985) to compensate the woman  who was groped.

Any truth at all to it?

Good god no. Bigsby had about as much credibility in court as he did clothes in that changing room.

Studies have shown that higher male hormone can make you more impulsive, confident and we all know it’s the fuel for your libido; but no way can natural amounts of T turn you degenerate. He and his team must be mixing up impulsive and repulsive.

Let’s not forget, literally millions of people take natural supplements every day. If they were capable on influencing behaviour this drastically the world would constantly be like the last days of Rome.

Apart from anything else, higher T is also believed to improve cognitive function. You know, the kind of cognitive function which explains that life isn’t a 70s porno and you can’t go pulling some warped naked ninja act on strangers at the gym.

Where’s that T effect when you need it, eh?

The only time testosterone could come close to causing radical behavioural changes is if you take massive amounts on a regular basis. Levels that your body is not designed to cope with. The type introduced from outside via a needle. So you could say it takes a prick to make a prick.

When he lays the blame at protein powder though, this guy really moved from grasping at women to grasping at straws.

Concerns have been raised about use of too much protein, but they’re more about the physical health of the user. Zero about decision making being impaired or the safety of people around protein fans.

What does that mean in layman’s terms? Who better to ask than Dr Don Layman, protein researcher and Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois’ Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition?

“This is an absolutely absurd defence. There is no evidence of any kind to support this behaviour related to protein.”

So what’s the lesson here?

Just about the most the most obvious one possible and thankfully one most of us don’t even have to learn.

In the same way that supplements aren’t an excuse to shirk responsibilities in the gym, neither are they an excuse for a minority of weirdos to shirk responsibilities out in the world to treat people with dignity and respect.

Natural supplements definitely won’t turn you into a creepy asshole, but on the off chance, like Bigsby, you already are one don’t expect them to fix things either. That’s all on you.

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