You’ve got the latest irons. The pro has been patiently working on your swing for years. You practice as often as your time allows. But in the golfing arms race … your playing partners are doing exactly the same as you.

What else can you do to find that competitive edge?

Enter the world of modern nutritional supplementation. The latest research and technology leveraged to enhance your performance on the fairways and greens.

We’ve looked out a combination of premium supplements which could help you:

  • Reduce stress, both physical and mental
  • Enhance your joint health & flexibility
  • Boost your performance on the golf course
  • Support sharp visual acuity

And ultimately take your game to the next level

We’ve compiled our Top 3 recommendations, supplements which will be particularly useful to golfers in Texas, and explained why.

joint health

Joint Health & Flexibility

Playing golf can, over time, take its toll on your joints and cause chronic pain. Veteran golfers know this very well.

Most common joint issues that golfers experience include:

  • Joint soreness – hurts your performance when playing golf. As a result, this can force you to reduce how often you play the game.
  • Golfer’s Elbow – this is a condition where you have chronic tendon inflammation, which can turn your enjoyment for playing golf into an agony.
  • Poor flexibility – loss of mobility in your joints can severely restrict how well you perform your swing.

Some of these issues are of particular concern for Texans. Although the climate is varied, the eastern part of Texas has a subtropical climate. For golfers in these parts of Texas, golfer’s elbow and inflamed joints can get aggravated when the barometric pressure is low and humidity high. (1, 2)

Fret not, though; supplements for joint health can help you with these issues. The latest generation of flexibility boosting supplments offer joint pain relief, renewal, and mobility support.

The premium flexibility supplements work by:

  1. Promoting cartilage repair and renewal
  2. Bolstering your ligament and tendon resilience
  3. Lubricating your joints
  4. Protecting your connective tissue
  5. Supporting long-range joint health

Painkillers offer similar effects in terms of soreness reduction. But they only mask the issue. Our top recommendation gets at the root of the problem to support and protect your long-range joint health for peak performance on the course.

Product Recommendation

The benefits you’ll experience from Performance Lab Flex include:

  • Smooth flexibility – get the best out of your swing.
  • Joint-shock absorption – makes golf practice easier on your joints.
  • Connective tissue comfort – enjoy your games without any joint discomfort.


Strength & Endurance

Testosterone plays a vital role in how you perform in golf. If you’re a man over 40, you understand the impacts of declining testosterone on your game:

  • Low strength and endurance – your fitness levels aren’t as high as they used to be.
  • Inability to focus on the game – you’d be forgiven for thinking that testosterone is just for building big guns and having a raging sex drive. Your T also has a massive impact on your mental abilities like focus. When your test levels are low, you may find it hard to concentrate on the game.
  • Low Mood & motivation – one of the issues with low testosterone is that it leaves more room for stress hormones like cortisol to rise. (5) When you’re stressed, your motivation will plummet, and your golf performances will suffer.

Texans have the advantage of the warm weather as they can hit a golf ball further. But a quality test booster will still help you big time – adding yards to your drive and improving your overall fitness levels. (3)

It’s not just about raw power though. Innovative modern test boosters cater for the mental aspect of your wellbeing as well as the physical. Many ingredients that promote testosterone have also been shown to reduce stress, mitigate depression and increase what researchers call subjective wellbeing. In other words … they can make you feel happier.

Product Recommendation

The current top-rated test booster available is Centrapeak. It uses a unique formula with natural and clinically backed ingredients to improve your:

  • Stamina & Energy levels – More energy and drive to practice and play more often.
  • Strength – Achieve peak fitness levels for an extra spring in your step on that fairway.
  • Mental state – Become more resilient to stress, have higher self-confidence when playing against your opponents

Centrapeak was explicitly made for a man in his prime and beyond. Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond.


Visual Acuity & Eye Health

Reduced visual acuity could be the culprit for dropped shots and poor game performances. Supposed you don’t have a caddie helping you out and telling you how your game is holding up. You’ll need sharp eyes to help you:

  1. Gauge distances
  2. Assess the trajectory of a golf ball in the air
  3. Pick out the ball in flight – and where it lands (hopefully the fairway)
  4. Precisely detect motion and perceive depth, judging the slope of the surface (crucial during putting)
  5. Spot potential pitfalls and undulations in the distance

For Texans, humidity and barometric pressure have a modest effect on their vision. But intense blue light from the sun poses a serious concern for eye health. (4)

A good vision supplement should not only boost your ocular blood flow and protect your eyes from blue light damage. We chose Performance Lab Vision due to the quality of ingredients and company reputation. From its research-backed formula to high customer satisfaction, this product checks all boxes.

Product Recommendation

  • Contrast sensitivity – Performance Lab Vision supports your retinal rhodopsin. In other words, it enables you to detect dark from light and vice versa. So it’ll help you pick out a dark ball against a blue Texan sky – then a white ball in front of green trees.
  • Eye fatigue – Blue light can cause eye strain. As we explained, this is of particular concern for Texans due to the sun intensity. By blocking the negative impacts on blue light, you’ll prevent eye fatigue and maintain peak visual acuity at crucial moments.
  • Motion detection – Be able to precisely asses the ball’s trajectory, have faster reaction time and improve your hand-eye coordination.

Final Thoughts on Best Supplements For Golfers in Texas

If you’ve reached the milestone of 50 or 60, you may have started to experience deterioration in joints, vision, or T levels. The supplements recommended here are all research-backed and can help you reduce these problems, and improve your game in the process.

Our current favorite is Centrapeak. This testosterone booster and mood enhancer will not only increase your endurance, strength, and overall vitality. It will also reduce your stress levels and strengthen your motivation, giving you the boost needed to excel on the course.


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