Sun Screen Causes Skin Cancer!

You are probably thinking that title was just clickbait, I wish that were the case but unfortunately just about every chemical sunscreen causes cancer – some worse than others. Firstly they contain cancer causing chemicals such as oxybenzone. This chemical acts as estrogen in your body, changing your body’s hormones is not a good idea if you are concerned about your health. This is just one of the many examples of harmful ingredients found in commercial sunscreens. Look through the ingredients list on your sunscreen bottle and research some of the chemicals listed on the bottle.

Sun Block Lotion Blocks Vitamin D

When sunlight comes into contact with the skin there is a chemical reaction that takes place and the outcome is that your skin makes vitamin D.  Vitamin D plays a very important role in your over all health a few of the benefits of vitamin D are;

#A strong Immune System

#Healthy Bones

#An antidepressant

#Cardiovascular health

#Muscular Strength

There are many others. Sunlight is not the only way of getting vitamin D but it is by the best source. You can also absorb vitamin D through food and from supplements.

Is Sunburn Harmful For Your Health?

Yes of course, the fact that it feels painful and causes your skin to peel away is your body trying to tell you something. So what should you do? Well what I do is I gradually get sun exposure during spring when the sun is not as intense meaning my skin will tan meaning I can handle more an more sunlight.

If for some reason I have to be in the sun all day I generally cover up. This will differ depending on how fair your skin is and what part of the world you live in, for example Australia and New Zealand have particularly harmful sunlight meaning that you will burn much quicker and severely in those countries.

People with a lighter skin tone come from places where there is less sunlight (in some parts of northern Europe sunlight can be as low as 4 hours a day in winter), the lighter you skin the more vitamin D you will absorb. Some lotions are worse than others so if you absolutely feel you must use it please do your due diligence before hand.

Natural Sunscreen Lotion

I personally use Coconut oil if I absolutely feel I need to use anything at all, like I mentioned earlier I expose my self to the sun very gradually so that my skin tans thus enabling me to tolerate more sun exposure. It is quite easy to find organic Coconut oil so you can rest assured that you are not rubbing toxic chemicals all over your skin, as an added bonus it works as a moisturizer as well! Or alternatively here is a homemade sun block lotion recipe that you may want to try (click on image);


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