Soozier Fitness Power Tower Review

Soozier Fitness Power Tower Review


The Soozier Fitness Power Tower can be used for refining your core muscles and also aides with gaining upper body strength, it will easily cope with all your upper body workouts and the abdominal exercises you will need to do, as there are 4 workout stations that focus primarily on upper body physique, performing dips and pull ups.  You should angle your knees back a bit to avoid the cross bar, not only on this exercise machine but on almost all the others there is the same issue.  Not overly major, it comes standard with this type of equipment.

Should you also need to do leg raises, push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, and dips, then the Soozier will suit your requirements.    Potentially the only draw-back that this exercise power tower has is that it is substantially taller than most of the racks that are on the market today.  Should you be on the taller side, then this tower will be a very good option for you to consider if you have a low roof then another model would be better.

The steel frame that Features on the Soozier tower, is reinforced to comfortably hold your weight, for the different workouts on offer it is very easy to use and a perfect tool for your workout session.  The maximum weight capacity is 330lbs with the overall size being 25”L x 54” x 82.5”H.

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It won’t take you long to have mastered the machine so you will be able to use it with confidence, the stable frame is bolstered by support cushions and ergonomically designed handles that are unlikely to get slippery.

There is little assembly required making this machine very easy to put together ;Assembly shouldn’t take longer than one hour if you are adept at these things, there is a little trick to share and one you should know is that all the bolts should not be tightened at one time until the pull-up bar has been fitted.  It is just easier to do so before everything is tightened, you might find it difficult to fit and get the bar in otherwise.

If you have looked at customer opinions and reviews you will notice that this machine gets a three point six out of five-star feedback.   The negative reviews focus mainly on the fact that it is a bit wobbly possibly due to being slightly warped – this could be due to not putting it together in the manner that I mentioned earlier, apart from that it is a good power tower for the price.

Soozier power tower is one of the most versatile body-weight workout machines on offer, a high-end product with a low end price.

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