The Ultimate Push Up Workout With Variations

The Ultimate Push Up Workout With Variations

Press ups are a good body weight exercise for conditioning the pectoral muscles (your chest) your deltoids (your shoulders) and your triceps, (the back of your upper arm).

Everyone knows the conventional way of doing push ups so here are few variations that work different parts of the muscle groups previously mentioned.

12 Push Up Variations

Pseudo Planche Push Ups will work your triceps harder.

The shoulder tap press ups will build explosive strength in your muscles.

The superman push ups are an advanced variation, to make it easier you can have one arm lower.

Crucifix press ups focus mostly on your pectoral muscles.

Spinx push ups work your triceps harder.

This variation has more emphasis on your triceps but also works different parts of chest and shoulders.

Gets your core muscles involved.

This technique builds explosive strength.

These are difficult to do…

Having many variations makes exercise less boring.

A full body workout.

You can also use

Press Up Challenge

Do all of these exercises back to back, (without rest), If you are a beginner start with 5 reps for each different push up variation then work your way up to 10 reps then 15 reps etc.

How To Do A One Arm Push Up

A one armed press up is more of a party trick more than anything, I wouldn’t recommend doing it regularly as it puts a lot of stress on your shoulder.

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