Here Is Some Pull Up Bar Workouts You Probably Haven’t Seen

Here Is Some Pull Up Bar Workouts You Probably Haven’t Seen

Pull ups and chin ups are a compound movement, meaning they target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. The main muscles that get trained are your Latissimus dorsi (back muscles), the secondary muscles that get worked are your deltoids (shoulders), your biceps (front of upper arm) and your forearms.

Here is a series of Pull up bar workouts that you may not have seen before.

Archer Pull Up

L sit wide grip pullups

This one works your abdominal muscles as well, you can do it both with wide and narrow grip.

Alternate grip pull up

This workout works different parts of your biceps and forearms and of course your lats.

Inverted Grip Pull ups

This  pull up bar workout works different parts of your back and also your abs.

Tandem Grip Pull ups

Also known as ‘Rocky Pull Ups’ you can do this side to side, as in your head goes either side of the bar.

Classic Pull ups

Wide or narrow grip is working different parts of your back, wide grip is more difficult. If you change your hands so that your palms are facing you then that becomes a chin up.

Typewriter Pull up

Also called the climber pull up.


Here is another variation of it;

climber pull up

Want To Rapidly Increase The Amount Of Pull Ups You Can Do?

If you are a beginner and are struggling just to get in a few reps then you may want to give  The Pull Up Solution a go. This is not necessary to increase your pull ups and gain muscle but it will help you to do it in the quickest way possible without wrecking your joints.

Then you can move onto something much more advanced like muscle ups for example;

Or if you are feeling adventurous give the clap pull ups a go;

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