NutriBullet Blender Review – Should You Buy One?

NutriBullet Blender Review – Should You Buy One?

The NutriBullet blender was labelled the “superfood nutrition extractor” by its inventors to explain just how good this machine is at liquefying anything foods you put in there. While it has been a marketing success, is this trendy blender worth the investment?

First off, this blender is compact and efficient but it is designed for someone who uses their blender primarily for smoothies.

With that being said, considering it is designed just for one specific purpose this means it fulfills that purpose very well and it is also affordable priced due to being tailored to one purpose.

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Here are the various pros and cons of the NutriBullet system:

The Pros

NutriBullet Blends Ingredients Down Into A Fine And Nutritious State

There are countless blenders on the market that do a good job of mixing ingredients however the NutriBullet has been designed to break down even the hardest ingredients into incredibly small parts. This means the absolute smoothest of smoothies.

Aside from a pleasant taste and texture, the Nutribullet system makes vitamins, minerals, and the essential fatty acids such as omega-3s more bio-available – or more easily absorbed into your body.

All of the goodness that was trapped in the difficult to digest cell walls of the seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables can be taken in full.

The NutriBullet contain a 600 watt motor which is smaller than most competitors, but it still provides enough out-put to do the job well. There is also a 900 watt model – the ‘Nutribullet pro’.

This is because the NutriBullet system features a patented ‘extractor’ blade which has four metal prongs that rotate with cyclonic action to pulverise thick skins, seeds, nuts and ice into a smooth refreshing drink full of fiber and essential nutrients.

Its Small With A Contemporary Design

One of the better features of the NutriBullet is its size. It is much smaller than typical blenders but still has the same capacity.

This means it doesnt take up a lot of space on the kitchen counter top or can be easily stored in your cabinets. The small size also means its highly transportable so you can easily take it with you whether you are travelling or just to work to whip up lunch.

The NutriBullet system is sleek and stylish so you can leave it out without cluttering your kitchen.

Easy To Clean – The Cups Are Dishwasher Safe

The NutriBullet is not self-cleaning however it is extremely easy to clean. The belnder cups and lids that come with the NutriBullet system are fully dishwasher safe and can be placed on the top rack of any dishwasher.

You can also wash them with warm soapy water. The extractor blades should be handwashed though.

The NutriBullet Is Versatile

The NutriBullet is not just for smoothies (or ‘NutriBlasts’ as the NutriBullet fans call them), any recipe that calls for blending, the NutriBullet will take care of it. From delicious soups to salad dressings, dips or sauces.

There is also a milling attachments that works to grind harder ingredients like rice into flour, or nuts into creamy nut butters. While there are many use, the cups have a maximum capcity of 24 ounces.

There Are A Lot Of Free NutriBullet Recipes

The NutriBullet is quickly becoming a trendy and coveted kitchen appliance and so you can find hundreds of specialized and tested recipes specific to the NutriBullet online.

The NutriBullet package also includes a comprehensive user guide and free recipe book containing delicious and nutritious recipes designed to keep you healthy.

The NutriBullet Is Affordable

The NutriBullet system is proven to be effective and long lasting but one of the best advantages is the price.

It is inexpensive compared to competitors like Vitamix but is still quality enough to produce exceptional smoothies, sauces, nut butters and more. You can also buy replacement parts and extra cups and lids when needed.

The Cons

The Cups Are Plastic

While the NutriBullet cups are all BPA and phthalates -free, which is clearly a plus, they are still plastic.

BPAs and phthalates are harmful compounds which can leak into your foods and mimic hormonal responses in your body.

The good news is that NutriBullet steers clear of those compounds but unfortunately like almost all products, it still relies on plastic.

To avoid any potential chemicals leaching into your food, avoid using any hot ingredients into the plastic cups and do not store your food in them.

You can either buy a blender with a glass pitcher instead or you can transfer your smoothie into a glass bottle for storage.

The Warranty Doesn’t Compete With Vitamix

The NutriBullet comes with a standard one year warranty which is not very compelling when compared with the Vitamix extended warranties of up to 7 years, dependant on the make and model.

This points to an expectation from the Vitamix company that their product is made to last the test of time, whereas NutriBullet are not as confident. The NutriBullet system is much more affordable however and some retailers will offer a extended warranty purchase on top on the standard one year.

Where Can You Buy A NutriBullet System?

The NutriBullet is conveniently sold both in stores and online.

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Where to Find “NutriBlast”(Smoothie) Recipes for Your NutriBullet?

Of course you can use any smoothie recipe with your NutriBullet. Feel free to add nuts or seeds to any recipe for added health benefits.

There is also a recipe book that comes in one of the package deals on amazon.

The NutriBullet can grind these to a smooth paste with no issues.

As smoothies help deliver a wide range of nutrients in an easy to drink and tasty form, they can aid with weight loss, improve your skin and hair and generally improve your overall health.

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