Ninja BL660 Blender Review

Ninja BL660  Blender Review

Trying to make a decision on what kind of blender to buy? Here is a comprehensive review of the Ninja BL660.

For a quick summary, this is an inexpensive blender suitable for everyday use, it has a variety of uses, not just for smoothies.

First Off, What Comes In The Ninja BL660 Pack?

Ninja is a company that makes more than a dozen different types of blenders and food processors. The Ninja professional blenders BL660 come with:

  • A base unit with Motor
  • One 72 oz. capacity container. Perfect for catering for a family rather than single serve.
  • Two Nutri Ninja cups with ‘To Go Lids’. Smoothies are the ultimate running out the door breakfast – so ‘To-Go’ lids are a must have.
  • BPA free containers
  • Powerful 1100 watt motor

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How Powerful Is The Ninja BL660 Blender?

The base unit holds a 1100 watt motor, this is powerful enough to use in a café or juice bar so you know it will be outstanding for the general home user.

What Capacity Are The Ninja BL660 Pitcher And Cups?

The pitcher is bigger than the normal size for most blenders at 72 oz or just over 2 liters. This system also comes with 16 oz single serve cups with the handy to go lids, so you can take your smoothie with you, or pop in the fridge for later. You can also use these to blend single size portions rather than using the large pitcher.

What Is The Blending Speed Like?

The Ninja has a six-blade system along with the powerful motor that ensures speedy blending. This mean you can make smoothies and the like very quickly. Some customers have reported that tougher vegetables like spinach or broccoli are pulverized in under 30 seconds.

So, What Is Good About This Blender?

It does exactly what you need a blender to do – crushes, grinds, puree’s, blends in a quick, easy, controlled manner. You can turn fruits and vegetables into a thick juice.

Using the whole food including the skins means it retains all of the nutrients. People use this blender to make dips, sauces, soups, smoothies and even homemade facemasks!

Easy to clean – the wide base means it is super easy to clean which is always a good feature. Just use dish-soap and warm water and set to pulse until the blades and pitcher is clean. It is also dishwasher safe.

Large pitcher – the pitcher is larger than most, so it suits families better. It is also easy pour for distributing into single serve cups or bowls.

Individual cups – you can use the 16oz server cups to blend rather than the pitcher if needed. They also come with lids to turn into to-go cups or to store in the fridge. The option of a pitcher or cups gives it that extra versatility.

Inexpensive – Low on price but still a quality item, you get the best of both worlds.

So, What’s Bad About This Blender?

Customer Service – feedback has varied on the quality of customer service people have received from this company. It appears that Ninja can take a long time to sort out issues with individual consumers but they do get there eventually.

Questionable smoothness – some reviews have complained that their smoothies aren’t blended smooth enough for their taste. Using the correct recipe with the liquid to solid ratios will help.

Struggles with the greens – this is a common complaint for almost all blenders, excluded the absolute top of the line brands. The main issue people had was the result was pulpy rather than liquefied. Single serve cups do a better job than the larger pitcher to combat this problem.

Overview of Customer Reviews

Out of the thousands of reviews on the internet for the Ninja BL660, the average rating was a solid 4/5. The majority of reviews were obviously from happy customers, with many saying it handles wonderfully, makes smoothies that are creamy, smooth and delicious.

The disappointed customers are generally comparing this blender to the high end Vitamix range. Unfortunately a blender that costs about $100 is not in the same field of performance as one that costs almost a $1000.

Vitamix blenders are pricy for a reason but the Ninja BL660 will still give you reliable tasty smoothies every day for a tenth of the cost.

 The Verdict: Should you buy the Ninja BL660 or not?

Overall this appears to a very good blender and is excellent value for money. The kit is generous with the pitcher, cups and to go lids. In general the customer reviews are favorable with only small complaints about customer service.

You can buy the Ninja BL660 from Amazon and start whipping up healthy smoothies, soups, desserts and more!

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