Popular Moisturizers Cause Accelerated Tumor Growth – up to 69%

Popular Moisturizers Cause Accelerated Tumor Growth – up to 69%

A study looked at the relationship between using certain moisturizers and tumor growth in mice that were at risk for developing skin cancer.

There were four popular moisturiser brands used in the study – Dermabase, Dermovan, Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream (Eucerin), and Vanicream. The mice were irradiated twice a week for 20 weeks with a UV light and then had 100 milligrams of moisturizing creams applied once a day for 17 weeks.

These experiments lead to these mice developing more tumors as well as larger sized tumors. The result of this study indicated that these commercially available moisturizing creams increased the rate of formation and the number of tumors when applied topically to the high-risk mice – potentially up to 69%. The study has suggested that using these moisturizers may speed up the growth of cancer from exposure to sunlight.

This was a breakthrough for testing moisturizer safety. Historically moisturizers have been tested only for their effects on the immune system or irritant activity but not for potential carcinogenic activity. Researchers believe that a popular chemical in moisturizers –sodium lauryl sulphate which is already a known irritant and stimulates tumorigenesis, or the formation of cancer cells.

One thing to always keep in mind is if it goes on your skin it eventually makes it’s way to your blood stream, so if you don’t want to eat it then do not rub it into your skin.

Avoid The Cancer Causing Moisturizers – Go Natural Instead

Skip the moisturizer brands that contain potentially carcinogenic ingredients and instead opt in for more natural, skin smoothing ingredients for your skin.

Olive oil – olive oil is a popular natural moisturizer and has high amounts of vitamin E. This vitamin is well known for protecting and repairing the skin. This is particularly special as olive oil may actually protect against skin cancer. In a similar study where mice had UV induced skim carcinogenesis. Mice who had olive oil applied topically resulted in a reduction in the size and growth of skin tumors. The reason could have been due to the effects of the antioxidants in the olive oil.

Argan Oil  which is an oil extracted from the fruit of the Argan tree. It is also rich in vitamin E, popular for its skin-protecting and restorative benefits. It works wonders for relieving symptoms of dry skin, and it has also been used to treat wrinkles, psoriasis and eczema.

Pomegranate  Extracts from pomegranate has been found to have excellent moisturizing properties as well as protecting skin from premature aging due to sun exposure. There is an active ingredient in pomegranates called catechin which is an antioxidant and a natural phenol. Catechin is also found in green tea.

Coconut Oil – This is one of the most beneficial oils, there are so many uses for coconut oil, I use it as a moisturizer, and a conditioner for my hair. As a bonus it treats dandruff and eczema. I also drink it daily to fight off candida – a fungus that causes athletes foot, ringworm, tinea, thrush etc.

Aside from moisturizing, you can naturally increase the moisture of your skin by:

  • Eating foods rich in omega-3’s to strengthen the skins natural oil retaining abilities. Eg chia seeds or hemp seed oil.
  • Drink plenty of water – 8 glasses a day or more.
  • Skip the long, hot showers as this strips the natural oil from your skin and hair.
  • Use a humidifier. Heating systems or air conditioners dry out the air, so consider using a humidifier in your living areas to put moisture back into the air and help prevent your skin from drying out.
  • Eat plenty of organic fruit and vegetables – they are full of vitamins and minerals – the health of your skin is generally a reflection of the health of your over all body.

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