Modern Agriculture Makes Food Tasteless And Nutrient Deficient

Modern Agriculture Makes Food Tasteless And Nutrient Deficient

Today’s food is grown not for flavor but for profits which results in produce that not only fails to please the taste buds but also fails to deliver vital nutrients and to add insult to injury you are also getting food that is covered in carcinogens! How is that for a bit of salt in the wound?

Food Today Is Grown To Be Transported

A lot of produce is grown far from urban areas or even grown in other countries. This means it will spend a lot of time in transit therefore it needs to be harvested before it has fully ripened and then stored in refrigerators and often artificially ripened before being put on the shelves.

The result is less nutritious fruit and vegetables with less flavor. The flavor comes from properly ripened food, when it is ripe it is also most abundant in nutrients. The fresher the produce the more nutritious it will be.

For example a head of broccoli will start losing it’s vitamin C content as soon as it has been cut from the plant, if you cut it in half it will lose vitamin C at a much higher rate. Ideally you want to eat fruit and vegetables the day it is harvested.

Before modern agriculture most people grew their own food or lived closer to farms and there was no process of artificially ripening fruit and vegetables.

Artificial Fertilizers Destroy The Soil

Artificial fertilizers disrupt the entire eco system of soil by killing worms and other microorganisms. They also damage the soil in other ways.

This means plants do not grow to be strong and healthy, they are more prone to disease so more chemical sprays need to be used. What is a sick plant going to taste like? And how  much carcinogens do you want on your food?

Before modern agriculture fertilizers were made using organic matter that maintained soil health.

Also with crop rotation the soil was cultivated by the previous crop to be beneficial for the next crop, for example a plant that took a lot of nitrogen out of the soil would make it better to grow a plant that does not grow well with too much nitrogen in the soil.

Crop rotation also helped with pests.

Also This;

native american indians agriculture

Genetically Modified Food Is Awful

Genetically modified food or GMO’s are by far the worst thing that could happen to the food supply, first of all any claims that they are harmless are misleading at best and blatantly wrong at worst; Most GMO’s are designed to be sprayed with Glyphosate AKA Roundup and not die.

So previous to GMO’s crops were sprayed with pesticides and fungicides, (two carcinogens) now they are also sprayed with glyphosate, a much worse carcinogen which is linked to many disastrous health consequences.

On top of that there has been no long term studies on human health when consuming plants that have had the DNA of plants mixed with the DNA of glyphosate resistant bacteria. This is something that would never happen naturally- Frankenfood!

To make things worse GMO’s do not increase yields as Monsanto claims (1,2)

consequences of GMOs

Modern Agriculture Is Killing Us!

We are eating food that is nutrient deficient, covered in chemicals and has had it’s DNA altered with.

Due to the lack of flavor, our meals are usually loaded with more sugar, flavor enhancers, salt, trans fats etc.

Food allergies are much more common, people are allergic to wheat even though bread has been consumed for thousands of years, I am allergic to wheat, which is strange as I used to bread every day when I was a kid with no ill effects. Is this due to GMO’s?

Some schools even separate kids when they are eating lunch as some kids are so allergic to certain foods that they can get a reaction from minor exposure to these foods!

What Can You Do?

Grow your own food – This is the best method for ensuring tasty and healthy food, however very difficult to feed your self entirely with this method especially if you live in the city, look into container gardening or hanging gardens.

Create a community of gardeners – start a vegetable garden and encourage your neighbors to do the same, you can trade produce with each other so that you get a variety of fruit and vegetables.

Shop at farmers markets – buy direct from the grower (providing they are organically grown) this will ensure it is not covered in chemicals, is fresher than what you get from the supermarket, often cheaper as well. Support the little guy.

Vote with your dollars – Organic produce is getting popular, organic food will not be artificially ripened so you will be getting healthier, fresher, tastier food. Buy your produce from a business that sells organic food – if there is a demand then the supply will follow…

Drink smoothies or vegetable juices – Smoothies and vegetable juices are a way of maximizing you micronutrient intake, (something that is lacking in commercially grown food) I wrote a post here covering a juice fast and here is my favorite smoothie blender along with some recipes.

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