How To Make Your Coffee Less Acidic- 6 Different Ways

How To Make Your Coffee Less Acidic- 6 Different Ways

I absolutely love coffee but I hate what it does to my body, coffee has a lot of healthy properties but some thing that it does do is make your body more acidic. As I mentioned in this post, when your body is too acidic it can wreak all sorts of havoc; your body will draw calcium from your bones (calcium is very alkaline) thus increasing your chance of osteoporosis.

Fungi, bacteria and viruses all thrive in an acidic and anaerobic environment. Also your body functions better in general when it is at the correct ph. So how do you make your coffee less acidic? There are numerous ways below we will explore a few of your options;

Here’s To A More Alkaline Coffee!

Add Crushed Egg Shells To Your Coffee

Mortar & Pestle with Egg ShellsEgg shells contain calcium which is quite alkaline which will result in a less acidic brew. I am not suggesting you put egg shells directly in your cup, what you want to do is add the egg shells with ground coffee beans and brew as you normally would.

Skip The Dairy And Refined Sugar

Cup of CoffeeMilk is acid forming (as well as coffee) and on top of that it will inhibit your body’s ability to absorb the beneficial nutrients from your coffee. You can either remove milk all together or use less milk if you can’t drink black coffee.

Refined sugar is not only acid forming it is very toxic for your body! Sugar accelerates the aging process so why would you want to start off your day with some thing that makes you look and feel older? I prefer to add organic maple syrup to my coffee, you could try honey or some other healthy sweetener…

Cold Brew Your Coffee

toddy cold brew coffeeAnother way to reduce the acid content in your coffee is to cold brew it. The easiest way of doing this is the use the Toddy Cold Brew System.  This system boasts a 67 percent reduction in acidity in comparison with hot brew coffee methods.

It can also be used to make tea, hot or cold. Another thing that appeals to me about this product is that it has a glass jug, so you do not have to worry weather or not your jug is leeching harmful chemicals into your coffee!

Add Baking Soda To Your Coffee

Just a pinch so you do not spoil the taste!

Use Filtered Water

Fresh Clean water

Water straight out of the tap  has harmful chemicals such as fluoride, heavy metals etc. These help to make tap water more acidic. So if you start off with slightly acidic water then use it to brew coffee the end result is a very acidic coffee so why not invest in a good quality water filter? Not only will your coffee be slightly more alkaline, your water will also taste a lot better and be better for you as well!

Add Cardamom To Your Coffee

Group of cardomom pods

Cardamom pods are a fragrant spice often used in cooking. This spice is alkaline so it will help neutralize your coffee, I have heard that it slightly lowers the caffeine levels as well although I am yet to see a study proving this to be true so take that how you will.

To make a Cardamom infused coffee what you want to do is add one cracked cardamom pod to your ground coffee beans and brew like normal, simple as that! You may want to experiment with more cardamom pods depending on your taste.

Some other spices that people add their coffee are the following; Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves and Star Anise. I have even heard of people adding Coconut oil to their coffee. It really is up to individual tastes, how do you like your coffee? Let me know in the comments section below….


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Comments on “How To Make Your Coffee Less Acidic- 6 Different Ways”

  1. Mimi says:

    Thank you for the awesome advice …needed that!

    1. admin says:

      You’re welcome 😉

  2. Andres says:

    I’m sorry, but some of your information is incorrect. Lactose free milk (skim or 2%) will reduce the acidity of your coffee. Also, the filtration process within many water filters will modify the pH of the water making it more acidic. The milk information comes from “Dropping Acid,” a book written by two doctors; the water information comes from PUR (a water filtration company). Thank you for the other information.

  3. Something else to consider: the roasting method of the coffee beans, and how fresh they are. I am a home roaster, and I roast using a hot air roaster instead of the drum roaster used by most commercial roasteries (Starbucks included). Drum roasting takes a long time to complete, and bakes the beans. This long roast process results in a more acidifying cup of coffee. If, however, you roast your beans with a hot air roaster, the process is much shorter and keeps the beans in their natural alkaline state. Small craft roasteries are appearing around the U.S., and they almost all use air roasters. As an added benefit, air roasting produces a cup of coffee that tastes less harsh, has less bitterness, and will not irritate your stomach lining.

    I recently visited my holistic dentist and my body’s pH was tested. I drink my home-roasted coffee every day, and had just finished a cup before going to the dentist. I tested alkaline! Anecdotal, sure, but it reinforces the idea that freshly roasted coffee from a hot air roaster results in an alkaline (and alkalizing) cup of coffee.

    1. admin says:

      Interesting, I have never heard of air roasting, thanks for your comment.

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