How To Lose Stomach Fat – 7 Tips That Actually Work

How To Lose Stomach Fat – 7 Tips That Actually Work

When you gain weight your stomach is the first place where extra fat will accumulate, so if you have a little fat on your stomach it does not necessarily mean you are unhealthy however it is not a preferred look for many people. Here are several proven tips to lose your stomach fat.

#1. Eat More Protein.

Hemp Seed Protein

Protein is one of the key macronutrients necessary for losing weight (1). With enough protein, you can reduce cravings to as much as 60%, which will help you eat up fewer calories a day, and even boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories a day (2, 3).

If you set losing weight as your goal, then adding protein to your diet is one of the most effective things you can do. Protein will not only aid in weight loss, it can also prevent regaining all that weight you have lost if you want to stop your weight loss efforts (4, 5).

Protein is also known to be significantly effective against belly fat. There are even studies showing how the quality and amount of protein a person consumes are inversely related to belly fat. The more and better the protein ingested, the less likely one will have belly fat (6).

To those who are not getting enough protein in their diet, the most effective recommendation is to find  a high quality protein supplement, such as various green protein powders, or brown rice protein powder.

They are healthy and convenient alternatives to getting additional protein into the body.As a recommendation, cook your food in coconut oil as it can help you reduce your belly fat.

#2. Avoid Refined Sugar And Sugar-Sweetened Drinks.

refined sugar is killing you

It is very unhealthy to add refined sugar to your diet. There are even studies showing that sugar has a harmful effect to your metabolic health (7).

By eating lots of sugar, you will be overloading your liver. The liver will be forced to turn a lot of it into fat (8). Fat will then accumulate in the belly (9). When that happens harmful effects such as insulin resistance and metabolic problems will become evident (10). As well as a whole host of other problems associated with consuming excess sugar.

It will be even worse when you ingest liquid sugar. Solid calories are recognized by the brain differently than liquid calories. If you are drinking sugar-sweetened drinks, then you will surely be consuming more calories then your body needs resulting in weight gain. Beware there are many foods where you would not expect to find large amounts of  added sugar; tomato sauce, fruit juices

To cut back on your sugar intake, be sure to read the labels on the food packages. Even when they are labeled as health foods, they may still contain lots of sugar. It is important to avoid excessive sugar consumption to avoid belly fat accumulation.

#4.Go On A Fast Diet.

juice fast

Some examples of fast diets include the juice fast as seen in the fat sick and nearly dead documentary, or a green smoothie fast. These are extreme diets that you should be done after consulting your health care practitioner.

Another option is to replace just one or two meals a day with a vegetable juice or a smoothie. Or alternatively you could have a nutritious smoothie for breakfast, a healthy lunch then a vegetable juice for dinner.

#5. Reduce Carbohydrates.

carb blockersCutting carbs from your diet is actually a very effective method for losing fat. A lot of studies already prove that doing so can reduce people’s appetite, eventually leading to weight loss (11). Compared to low-fat diets, the low-carb diets are 2-3 times more effective on weight loss (12, 13, 14).

With low-carb diets, people can still eat a decent quantity of food. This is very different from those who are on a low-fat diet. They have calorie restrictions and always feel hungry.

Another good thing about the low-carb diet is that it specifically targets stomach fat. It helps reduce the fat around the liver and organs (15, 16). That means that the fat you lose during a low-carb diet are the disease-promoting, dangerous abdominal fat.

Low carb diets don’t only offer effective weight loss. Many health benefits come with this particular diet. For example, it can help protect people from Type 2 Diabetes (17, 18).

#6. Exercise.

exercise-to-lose-belly-fatThis is probably pretty obvious to most people but exercising can significantly reduce stomach fat. However, don’t expect to lose all that belly fat if you just focus on exercising your abdominal muscles. Having said that. don’t downplay the importance of working your core, this will help prevent lower back injuries and give your stomach a nice toned look.

Cardiovascular exercise is also important, it will initially burn more calories while working out but resistance training will continue to burn calories after training. Also having more muscle mass will burn calories even when resting.

If you are strapped for time do compound exercises and cardio. Work your abs at least once a week.

#7. Eat Foods Rich In Fiber.

fiber-rich-foodsDietary fiber is the indigestible plant matter that can help people with their weight loss. If you want the type of fiber with the best effect on weight loss, then you should focus on ingesting viscous and soluble fibers. These are the fibers  that cause binding water and forming thick gel that sits in your gut (20).

This particular gel can significantly slow food movement through the small bowel and stomach. It also slows down nutrient absorption and digestion. At the end, people can feel full for a long time. Reduced appetite can also be expected (21).

By ingesting more fiber, you can decrease your calorie intake. Adding 14 grams fiber in your daily diet can decrease calorie intake to as much as ten percent and promote weight loss of two kilograms for over four months (22). Ten grams of soluble fiber a day can also reduce the belly fat to as much as 3.7 percent (23). Fiber consumption is also ideal for cleansing your colon.

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