How To Gain Weight Naturally In 8 Easy Ways Without Damaging Your Health

How To Gain Weight Naturally In 8 Easy Ways Without Damaging Your Health

You only have to look around to see most people are overweight, but look closer and you’ll see there are also frighteningly skinny people too. This can be caused by lots of different diseases, with eating disorders being a perfect example.

It’s also scary because some people go crazy jumping on extreme diets if they’re desperate to drop those extra pounds. Whether it’s a disease or a fad diet the problem still needs to be fixed, so we’re going to discuss how to gain weight naturally to safeguard your health.

If you are unsure if you are at a healthy weight here is a  BMI calculator  (body mass index) to help you out, bear in mind it is a guide not a definite as a body builder would be classed as almost obese using this calculator. (Muscle mass is heavy)

1 – Make Sure You’re Eating Enough Protein

Studies apparently show eating a lot of protein will turn all the extra calories you consume into muscle, (providing that you are undergoing adequate resistance training) that’s not to say that you should go crazy on the protein because you won’t suddenly turn into a bodybuilder overnight.

The real reason you need to be consuming enough protein is because of its muscle-sparing qualities. When you’re trying to gain extra weight, the last thing you need is the worry you’re not holding onto every single pound of muscle you already have.

2 – Eat Lots Of Meals During The Day

Even when you’re not extremely skinny, it’s still possible to tell when your stomach has shrunk after a diet. The moment you suddenly eat too much food your belly expands and you feel like you’re about to explode. You don’t want this to happen when you’re trying to put on weight, so you shouldn’t try cramming as many calories as you can into every meal. To make sure you’re eating enough each day while avoiding pain, split your entire food intake into a lot more smaller meals.

3 – Learn How To Count Your Calories

You might be trying to gain extra weight, but it’s not the same thing as trying to become as fat as possible. In other words, if you eat more than your recommended daily calorie intake you’re still going to slowly gain weight.

Putting on too much fat could end up leaving you with health problems, so you’d only be swapping one extreme problem for another. You can even use apps to count your calories for you, and try to eat at least 500 calories over your recommended daily intake as a starting point.

Basically eat more calories then your body burns.

nutritious high calorie foods

4 – Start To Lift Weights Regularly

We touched on this briefly earlier, this is by far the healthiest way to put on weight. If you do want to put on muscle you’ll have to start lifting weights while eating protein and carbohydrates. Keep the amount of cardiovascular exercise you do to a minimum.

Muscle actually weighs more than body fat, so even though you’ll reach a healthy weight you won’t look heavy in an unhealthy way. Don’t go to the gym or train at home every day of the week, but you should be putting in at least 3 sessions if you want to see quicker gains in size and strength.

5 – Eat More Energy-Dense Foods

I know might sound strange to some considering we’ve only just said you shouldn’t go too high above your maintenance level. You should still stick to a healthy amount of calories over your recommended daily intake, and I’m only suggesting energy-dense foods for a very specific reason.

Some people won’t be able to hit their numbers eating regular food, so they might need nuts, protein powders, and coconut oil to help them out. If you’re struggling it’s the perfect solution to turn to. Dried fruit is also very high in calories whilst being full of micronutrients at the same time.

Also go for lots of carbs and healthy fats, eat plenty of tube vegetables – sweet potato, yams, carrots etc. Go nuts on avocados and you can even have 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil every day, scoop it out of the jar and straight into your mouth! Not too much at once as it may upset your stomach. Still not gaining weight have some spoonfuls of peanut butter as well!

6 – Always Eat Your Breakfast Every Day

It’s far too easy to run out of the house without eating breakfast in the morning, but it means you’ll have a lot less hours to squeeze in the calories you need. It doesn’t need to be anything you’ll need to spend a long time preparing, but even a small bowl of oats will give you energy to start your day.

Most people who don’t eat breakfast get their energy boost from coffee, which is a terrible idea for you. It’s not the most sensible idea to drink an appetite suppressant that also speeds up your metabolism when you’re trying to gain weight.

7 – Take Creatine

Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most effective and natural body building supplements available and there is little to no side effects if you consume it properly. It will make you train like super man and help you to gain lean  muscle mass at an accelerated rate.

8 – Cook In Bulk

You want to be consuming 4-6 meals a day and you likely don’t have time to be cooking that often. So what I do is I will cook a whole lot of chicken, sweet potatoes and broccoli (preferably organic). Put it in ‘meal sized’ plastic containers with avocado and hummus. Keep a few meals in your car or bag so that you can be eating every 2-3 hours.

Don’t Try To Rush Through The Process

You will unlikely be able to force yourself to get up to a much healthier body weight within weeks anyway, which is a good thing in regards to your health. You also want to turn your new habits into a lifestyle instead of thinking of them as a quick fix. Now you know how to gain weight naturally until you’re back to the old you, so keep telling yourself you’ll eventually get there. It’s only a matter of time until you will forget what being extremely skinny felt like.

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