Houseplants That Remove Toxins From The Air

Houseplants That Remove Toxins From The Air


Air Pollutant Removal By House Plants Over 24 Hours
House Plant Chemical Pollutant Initial ppm % Removed
English Ivy Benzene 0.235 90 %
Trichlorethylene 0.174 11 %
Peace Lily Benzene 0.166 80 %
Formaldehyde 10.0 50 %
Trichlorethylene 20.0 50 %
Spider Plant Formaldehyde 14.0 86 %
Carbon Monoxide 128.0 96 %
Chrysanthemum Benzene 58.0 54 %
Formaldehyde 18.0 61 %
Trichlorethylene 17.0 41 %
Mother-in-law tongue Benzene 0.156 53 %
Trichlorethylene 0.269 13 %
Golden Pathos Benzene 0.156 53 %
Formaldehyde 18.0 67 %
Carbon Monoxide 113.0 75 %
Madag Dragon Tree Benzene 0.176 79 %
Formaldehyde 15.0 60 %
Trichlorethylene 0.136 13 %
Waneckii Benzene 0.182 70 %
Formaldehyde 8.0 50 %
Trichlorethylene 17.0 24 %
Heart Leaf Formaldehyde 27.0 71 %
Corn Plant Formaldehyde 20.0 70 %
Chinese Evergreen Benzene 0.204 48 %

From the book Healthy Home and Office (pg. 38)
Researcher: Dr B.C. Wolverton, Mississippi, USA

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Where Do These Chemicals Come From And What Do They Do?

Here is a list of products that contain Benzene and here is health effects of Benzene.

Here is a list of sources where you could be exposed to Trichlorethylene and the health hazards can be found here.

This is a list of ways that you can be exposed to Formaldehyde and what it does to your body.

Finally here are some sources of Carbon Monoxide exposure and the health risks associated with this exposure.

How To Avoid Exposure Of These Dangerous Chemicals

These plants will help to filter out the previous mentioned chemicals but it is better to avoid them all together.

Baking soda is a great alternative to chemical laden household cleaners, here is a guide to using baking soda as a cleaner.

There are natural cosmetics as well as cosmetics that have considerably less chemicals in them, read the labels to know what you are putting on your body.

When you buy new products particularly plastic items it will have a ‘new smell’ that smell is chemicals coming off the product, either do not be so keen to purchase new items or choose natural products.

Buy wool carpet instead of synthetic, buy clothing made out of natural products etc.

This is no way a complete list of chemicals or healthy alternatives so when in doubt do your research…

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