Jamba 58916 – The Best High Powered Quiet Blender

Jamba 58916 – The Best High Powered Quiet Blender

Silent But Powerful – Jamba Quiet Shield Blender Is One Of The Best Drink Blenders On The Market

The Jamba Quiet Blender lives up to its name and is packed with extra features you will love. This review will convince you that this blender is the perfect choice for people on a healthy lifestyle journey.

To quickly summarize this is a powerful, easy to clean blender that is very quiet. It is excellent for smoothies with it’s ‘on the go’ container (similar to magic bullet) and the tough blades combined with powerful motor mean it is excellent for nut butters as well. Also Jamba is a name you can trust so feel confident to use this every day.

Packs a Powerful Punch

Built with a 1190 watt motor that has a whopping 1.6 horsepower, the stainless steel blades have enough power to easily crush ice, fruit, vegetables, nuts and cream powders into delicious smooth shakes.

The motor is strong enough that the blades achieve a steady spin inside the blender, despite what you throw at it so forget lumps of ice or grit in the bottom of your cup with this powerful blender. This blender will happily chop, blend, grind, mix, and puree all day long.

It’s Permanently set to ‘Do not disturb

How can it be both enormously powerful and extremely quiet?

The Jamba Quiet Blender has been designed with noise dampening technology to prevent that normal, annoying drone you associate with blenders and on top of that the special noise shield attachment is placed over the exterior of the machine and prevents noise pollution despite which setting you have it on and despite what it is you are blending.

Essentially this blender is noise proofed so you don’t have to worry about waking your household or annoying your co-workers in the staff room! Midnight snack? No worries. This blender is significantly quieter than all leading competitors

More than just smoothies

This blender will whip up your daily green smoothie with ease. Kale and other tough leafy greens blend into a creamy smoothie free of grits or lumps and it does so very quickly.

This blender opens doors to creating your own smooth sauces and marinates, even your own nut butters. Anyone who has attempting to blend up roasted nuts will know that lower quality blenders struggle to cut through the nut and blend in into the smooth paste like butter but the Jamba Quiet Blender can turn your peanuts in butter with no problems.

blender and accessories

Quick clean up – every time

The same powerful motor is perfect for cleaning the machine quickly after every use. Pour a half measure of warm water and a few drops of your favorite dish soap and turn the variable speed dial onto full speed.

The powerful action of the spinning blades will scrub your smoothie left-over’s away. Just rinse with warm water and you are done. The plastic container is dishwasher safe, so you can pop it into your next load as well.

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Take your smoothie on the run

Smoothies are popular because they are a meal to go. Especially for those of us who struggle to eat a balanced breakfast and who find it difficult to get some greens in our diets, sipping a smoothie on the way to work is a great healthy solution.

This blender includes a small travel cup with a flip top lid which is perfect for smoothies in the car, at the desk or on the run! All plastic used in the containers are BPA free.

BPA is a chemical is some plastics that can leach hormone-like compounds into foods. This raises concerns about whether it is actually safe to use, despite claims from the FDA that the current levels of BPA are acceptable to use in food containers. The general consensus is to avoid BPA and support the use of safer plastics.

Beautiful Design

blender on counter topThe Jamba Quiet Blender is sleek and attractive. Constructed with a low profile design, this blender will fit in with your sophisticated kitchen décor.

It takes up very little space, which is important as we try to minimize how many appliances are stacked into our cupboards.

This blender’s design is stylish enough to leave sitting on your bench top but also small enough to easily store under your kitchen cabinet for daily use. This blender has been designed to fit under the standard 18” counter-top for your convenience.

It’s a brand you can trust

The Jamba Juice Company is the expert in blenders – they believe in wholesome, high-quality, good for your ingredients.

Now with their blenders, you can make your own at any time. This blender comes with a free recipe book with all your favorite (and soon to be favorite!) juice, smoothies and other delicious recipes. The Jamba Quiet Blender comes with a 5-year warranty. The Jamba Juice Company understands that quality is important.


Of course this would not be a proper review without mentioning the disadvantages;

There is no timer – Some blenders allow you to turn on the blender and walk away, with this blender you cannot, no biggie though as it only takes seconds to mulch up even the toughest ingredients into a smooth consistency.

No Handles – the shield itself has a handle but the other two containers do not, this is not an issue with the travel cup but with the jug, it may be difficult for people with smaller hands to grasp.

It shakes slightly – If you try to blend too much hard foods all at once you will notice a slight vibrating for the first couple of seconds, again not major but I thought it fair to mention…

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