Take Herbs Not Drugs

Take Herbs Not Drugs


Don’t pop some pills with nasty side effects when you can use one of these herbs to cure your ailments.


Natural treatments generally take longer to take effect but they on the upside they usually have much fewer or even non existent side effects. They are better for in the long run and also you can grow them in your garden.

When most people feel unwell they seek the aid of a doctor or pharmacist who then prescribes them some toxic medication that normally just treats symptoms and not the root cause of the ailment. When you body exhibits symptoms it is telling you that there is something wrong rather than using medications to mask symptoms we should be treating the underlying cause of disease.

For example anti fungal cream is prescribed for athletes foot, tinea, jock itch etc. These symptoms are caused by a fungus called candida –  also responsible for thrush. Candida thrives in acidic and anaerobic environment so you can treat it naturally by firstly getting your body’s PH under control. Then you can try colloidal silver, ozonated water also coconut oil has fungicidal properties – just consume 3 -5 tablespoons a day, or more if it not having effect, you will know you have had to much when you get mild stomach irritations. As an added bonus you will have soft supple glowing skin from the coconut oil.  Those are just a few of the natural treatments for candida overgrowth.


Some Scary Drug Stats

Over 100,000 people die each year from prescription drug side effects in the U.S. alone. This does not include overdoses or wrong medications, these are side effects of drugs. Source.

Have a look at these alarming side effects from popular drugs, what is this crap doing to peoples body’s!?

Often times side effects of pharmaceutical drugs outnumber or are worse than the symptoms they are treating! Look at these shocking statistics!

Scary-Drug-Stats-click image for source

Always seek a natural treatments and use pharmaceuticals as a last resort only! Most modern (allopathic) doctors receive little to no education about nutrition. That’s not to say they are useless, if you are involved in an accident or need corrective surgery than they are ideal but when it comes to disease they are little more than glorified drug pushers! And Don’t forget prevention is always better than a cure…

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