Hemp Oil And Coconut Oil Are The Healthiest Oils

Hemp Oil And Coconut Oil Are The Healthiest Oils

Many people think of all vegetable oils as being beneficial for your health, but that unfortunately is not the case.  We have been told that saturated fats are responsible for increasing heart disease but this has been disproven in the following studies (1,2).

This has consequently led to many products being marketed as ‘fat free’ or ‘low fat’ under the guise that it is a healthier option, however with the reduction of fat the way company are adding the missing flavor to their products is by adding sugar, refined sugar is one of the  most harmful foods for your body!

The current recommendations are to consume oils such as soy bean oil, canola oil, sunflower oil just to name a few. However these oils are usually highly processed and are too high in omega 6 oil. It is true that your body requires omega 6 but it must be in proper ratios to omega 3 oil. Most people get simply do not get enough omega 3 in their diet. Which can have serious health concerns.

Furthermore when these oils are heated they change, they become oxidized and are then toxic for your body. So with your conventional oils not only are they highly processed, too high in omega 6, produced from chemical laden genetically modified crops, they also become even more toxic to the human body once heated!  Believe it or not grass feed organic butter is actually better for you than most vegetable oils. ( I am not claiming that butter is a heath food)

Coconut Oil Is The Only Oil You Should Cook With.

Coconut oil on a bamboo mat

Coconut oil has a myriad of health benefits in and on the body. It is the only oil that can handle the heat so to speak, it will not change it’s molecular structure and become oxidized, there fore the only oil that you should be using to cook your food.

Beware, not all coconut oil is the same, you want to go for certified organic coconut oil. That way you know that it is free from bleaching, deodorizing and what ever other chemicals big company are slipping into our food these days!

But What About Olive Oil?

Olive oil is has been hailed as one of the healthiest oils but that only is true when you do not heat it. Also when purchasing olive oil be sure that it is extra virgin, cold pressed and in a dark colored bottle so that it is not spoiled by the sun. And obviously you should not use it to cook your food. So you only want to use olive oil as a salad dressing.

Hemp Seed Oil Has A perfect Balance Of Omega 3 And 6 

Hemp seeds and hemp oilHemp seed oil is the healthiest oil you can consume (just don’t heat it) it has the perfect ratio of essential fatty acids. The perfect balance of omega 3,6 and 9. This does not mean it will correct your body if it is out of balance, it means it has the right balance to start off with so it is the ideal oil to consume.

You can consume it in the form of hemp seed oil or you can can consume the seeds either whole or powdered. Whole seeds are better as they are less processed however the powder is ideal for smoothies, Not only is the oil in hemp seeds beneficial but the seeds themselves are very rich in protein, vitamins and minerals on top of that they do not make your body acidic.

When shopping for hemp seeds make sure you get cold pressed and certified organic for the oil and certified organic for the seeds and powder. Tip – the course grain powder is slightly more beneficial than the fine grain powder.


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