Budget Blender with Power – Introducing the Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Blender

Budget Blender with Power – Introducing the Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Blender

This blender is one of the most inexpensive blenders out at the moment at few cents under $27. It also comes with a 3 year warranty which assures us that this blender is cheap but won’t break down straight away.

To quickly summarize this is an ‘affordable’ blender that is good for people who have the occasional smoothie for example if you were to put in kale leaves, bananas, peanut butter and some superfood powders then no problem, as soon as you decide to use kale stalks, frozen fruit or large ice cubes, nuts etc then you may run into problems, it will get through them but struggle a little.

The Hamilton Beach 58148A’s point of difference is the glass container which is a little heavier and difficult to travel with, means you don’t have to worry about potential chemical leaks (BPA) of its plastic counterparts and you know if can withstand cold and hot temperatures.


  • Powered by a 700 watt motor
  • 40 ounce/250 ml glass container
  • Twelve blending functions – mix, milkshake, puree, smoothie, ice drink, dice, chop, salsa, grind, crush ice, grate, easy clean
  • 3 year warranty
  • No-mess pouring spout



  • In-expensive
  • Good enough to make iced drinks, purees, blended protein shakes or smoothies
  • Clearly marked, easy to use controls



  • Glass container is heavy and has the potential for breaking
  • Motor will struggle with tough greens like broccoli and is not strong enough to blend hard ingredients like nuts, seeds or rice.
  • Very noisy

This is a ‘no-frills’ blender so if you are looking for good smoothies every day. It does not compete with the heavy duty motors the more expensive Vitamix brands that can blend whole foods and hard tough ingredients.

hamilton beach 58148a blender size

What can it make?

The blender has many functions but is limited by the weak motor. Wet ingredients will be fine – think frozen desserts, purees, salsas, soups and of course smoothies. It does struggle to chop spinach and other tough vegetables without adequate liquids. You cannot use this to grind dry ingredients or make nut butters.

This blender doesn’t include a tamper that you can use to push down food while the machine is blending however Vitamix is one of the only brands with one and those are hundreds of dollars, compared to less than $30.

What is it like to clean?

You can remove the base and clean the blade assembly and jar separately. This isn’t recommended because it would be very easy to cut yourself. You can use a brush and scrub inside the jar if needed. By far the easiest way to clean this blender (and all blenders really) is to fill it half way with warm water, add some dish soap and pulse until clean.

Customer Reviews

This blender is a bestseller on Amazon and most people are satisfied with how it blends. It doesn’t compare to a top of the line machine but it is good enough for the price.

While customers like that the cover doubles as the spout, a key complaint is the spillage when it’s full. If you don’t overfill the jar, you shouldn’t have this problem though.

Another complaint is that has a difficult time blending broccoli or other leafy greens. Even when it does break them down, there are remnants found in the smoothie. This is where the majority of low review scores have come from.

Pay attention to these reviews if you’re planning on buying this blender. Don’t expect it to be able to blend dry ingredients like frozen fruit or ice and you add liquid for it to function.


The price is a big selling point for this machine. The best price available online is over at Amazon where you can pick this up for just under $27. However because it is under $40 it does not come with free shipping.


If you are looking for a simple smoothie making blender that is cheap – this is probably for you. When used for basic protein or liquid based smoothies, it works perfectly fine. It can handle small amount of ice or frozen berries when combined with liquids. It will also blend softer fruits and vegetables but struggles with leafy greens or tougher plants.

You won’t be able to make peanut butter or other nut mixes, mix dough or grind coffee beans even though it advertises those features because the motor simply does not have enough power and will overheat if you try. Potentially the motor will give out on you.

Essentially you cannot expect professional level quality or performance from this blender. The money you pay for this just won’t get you something at that level. It is not comparable to a Vitamix or NutriBullet but if you are looking for something that is 1. Affordable and 2.Capable of basic blending functions then this machine is a great choice. The three year warranty is a nice bonus.

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