Detox Your Body With A Green Smoothie Cleanse

Detox Your Body With A Green Smoothie Cleanse


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How To Do A Green Smoothie Fast

There is really no exact method to this, for most people it involves consuming nothing but green smoothies for any given period of time. Kind of like doing a ‘herbalife cycle’.

You can mix it up by having two green smoothies a day and having a solid meal for your third meal or you can do just one smoothie a day.

If you are new to this I suggest you try it out for a weekend and see how you feel then try it for a bit longer, combined with a regular exercise routine this will shed the pounds!

To start off with do it just for a weekend, have 3 – 4 smoothies a day and drink water and green tea in between, if your are doing it for weight loss then it is best to not have too much fruit in your last smoothies of the day.

Go back to solid food diet ( a healthy one) for a few days then go on a cleanse again this time for a bit longer.

#Don’t try to do too much too fast

#If you feel very bad stop immediately

#Consulting your healthcare professional before starting is a good idea

Why would someone do this?

The main reason people would resort to such an extreme diet is to lose weight and/or detox their body.

How will this make me feel?

At first and this happens with any detox, you will experience an or all of the following symptoms; headache, fatigue, irritability and mood swings.

This is natural as your body purges toxins from your fat cells they will enter the blood stream and eventually be expelled form your body.

The Beauty of a smoothie fast is you get a large quantity of micro nutrients (that most people are deficient of)  before detoxing which is important for the proper functioning of your liver and kidneys, be sure to include superfoods, most importantly chia seeds and spirulina.

Risks Associated With A Green Smoothie Fast

Allegedly there is a small risk of having high levels of oxalate in your body which can cause all sorts of problems.

This affects a small percentage of people, it happens when you consume too much green vegetables.

The amount of green vegetables you would have to consume is very high suggesting that those suffering from high oxalate levels must be first of all sensitive to oxalate and drinking too many green smoothies as well as eating green veges and drinking vegetable juice.

Still it is something to be cautious about.

Benefits Of Drinking Green Smoothies

1. Green Smoothies remove a wide range of toxins from the body.

Some reliable studies show that these drinks are effective in removing environmental pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals stored in the body cells and tissues. Most of the drinks provide liver detoxification which improves the performance of the organ. The urinary sulfate-to-creatinine ratio has shown to increase with liver detoxification.

2. Boost immune system.

When body organs are cleansed off toxins, they start to function in the proper way. They become more efficient in absorbing nutrients, something which improves the immune system tremendously. Detox drinks also cleanse the lymphatic system, improving its ability to kill disease-causing microorganisms present in the body.

3. Reduce inflammation, pain and aches.

Green smoothies are great remedies for inflammation conditions caused by toxins. Some drink ingredients, such as strawberries, cucumber, watermelon and ginger, reduce swelling, pain & aches within the body and ease constipation, bloating & other digestion disorders. They work better when the user gets a good rest.

4. Promote skin health.

When the inner body is free from toxins and inflammation, the skin enjoys incredible health and minimized signs of aging. Detox drinks remove pollutants and chemicals which clog skin pores causing dryness, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Some drinks boost metabolic mechanisms of the skin and add Vitamin C into it enhancing its luster. They heal skin wounds, form new tissue and naturally slow aging on the new tissue.

5. Help with weight loss.

Most detox drinks and green smoothies boost body metabolism and energy levels which helps with weight loss. Increased energy levels make you feel full and fresh, something which makes you eat less.

Drinks made from grapefruit have special enzymes that cause the body to utilize more sugar and burn excess belly fat, thereby improving the metabolism and helping with weight loss.

Detox drinks have also been studied to improve lipid profiles and decrease levels of cholesterol & low-density lipoprotein.

6. Boost energy & mental alertness.

Toxins have been linked to fatigue, brain fog, mood swings and other unpleasant conditions. When toxins are removed from the body, these conditions are eliminated you will feel more energetic which will result in you being more mentally alert.

Drinks made from rosemary, mint and lemon rejuvenate the body and improve mental alertness. They also restore hydration, making the body cells, tissue, organs and systems vibrant and active throughout the day.

7. Promote hair health.

Toxins interfere with hair follicles inhibiting proper hair growth and texture. Green smoothies help to remove these harmful substances from the follicles triggering quick and healthy hair growth & development.

The hair gets shiner and softer as the levels of toxins decrease in the follicles. These drinks have also been studied to slow male pattern baldness.

8. Promote clearer thinking.

The cleansing process of detox smoothies takes place everywhere in body, including the brain. Users of these drinks report improved state of mind and clearer thinking.

Many food additives, are known to be neurotoxins. A detox will help get that junk out of your body which will result in greater clarity of thinking and improved moods.

9. Anti-aging benefits.

Toxins are one of the major contributors of free radicals in the body. These harmful elements damage cells causing early aging resulting in lower quality of life and the possibility of reduced lifespan. Green smoothies reduce the amount of free radicals slowing the aging process and allowing for a longer time on earth.

10. Improved sense of wellbeing.

When the body is free from toxins, there is definitely a good feeling and consequently a better sense of wellbeing. You will get notable improvements in all areas of your life, engage in better relationships, become more productive and just live your life to it’s fullest.

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