FB-3000 Rep Flat Bench Review

FB-3000 Rep Flat Bench Review

The Rep Fitness flat bench has been tested to 1000lbs and has surpassed other benches which were tested at 300 – 600lbs; designed to cope with heavy weights you can the design is quite capable and the strength of the bench is commendable.  Adding to the good looks of the bench is durable vinyl, a matte black powder coating and the padding has a good non slip surface.

This bench has been crafted for lasting durability and has been manufactured to last, your safety will not be compromised and this product is not made with mediocre materials.  There are most definitely cheaper benches on the market today these have received poor reviews, with mention of inadequate welds causing the bench to collapse.   The inferior materials used in the fabrication of the padding caused the boards to snap off, and uncomfortably thin pads that are a major discomfort when heavy weights are being used.

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Another surprising fact is the warranty on the frame, which is ten years, but the padding has only a 30-day warranty.  Assembling the bench should not take you more than 15 minutes, always make sure though that you do not tighten up the bolts completely until such time as you have decided where you are going to set down your bench.  This will also allow for small variations in the flatness of the flooring in the space that you have decided to utilize as your exercise room.   While this product does come partially assembled, be absolutely sure to tighten the bolts and nuts, as your bench will not feel solid.    Grooved rubber feet are attached to the heavy duty frame, which provides your floors with the protection needed; you may also consider using a mat for added protection.

So if you are shopping around for a bench that won’t give you any problems, then look no further. The Rep 1000 lb Flat Weight Bench is priced well and built to last it is ideally suited for the home gym enthusiast that wants to do weight training in the comfort of his/her own home.

The only small drawback noted is that there are no transport wheels.

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