Fat Sick And Nearly Dead Diet

Fat Sick And Nearly Dead Diet

In case you have not seen the fat sick and nearly dead documentary, it is the story of a guy named Joe Cross who goes on a 60 day long juice fast, what that involves is having nothing but freshly juiced vegetable and fruit juices and water so the fat sick and nearly dead diet is essentially a juice fast or a juice cleanse.

These are his astonishing results;

After 49 days, he lost 67 pounds (30 kg), his total cholesterol dropped from 204 to 135 and his LDL cholesterol went from 132 to 86. By day 61, Cross lost 82 pounds and decreased his medicine dosage. After drinking juice for the first 60 days, he lost 100 pounds and reported a complete loss of his urticaria symptoms. 

Is it safe?

The thing to remember is that everyone’s body is different so what is safe for one person may not necessarily be safe for someone else. Joe consulted doctors and dietitians before and during his month long fast where they performed blood tests and other checks and balances to ensure that he was not in any danger. If you plan on undergoing a juice fast I recommend you do the same.


What are the effects?

First thing that Joe noticed was a dramatic loss in weight and also his health improved exponentially. He had a rare skin condition/auto immune condition that resulted in nasty rashes. He had to take medication daily to treat this and just like all pharmaceuticals, they come with the added bonus of nasty side effects (often the side effects will out weigh the condition originally being treated).

Joe managed to lose weight, he got himself off the pills and his skin condition went away all by loading his body with micro nutrients and cutting out toxins from processed foods. In the words of Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

How To Do A Juice Fast

#1: Set a Goal: Although experienced fasters can do juice fasting for as long as three weeks, it is recommended that you complete a short fast (three days) especially if you are a beginner. If you do plan a long fast please consult your doctor first!

#2: Go Grocery Shopping: Or go shopping at a farmers market, for a juice cleanse, it is important (but not mandatory) that you stock up organic and fresh produce, free from pesticides. Additionally, since juice fast requires you to drink lots of water, stock some good quality spring water too. Or invest in a quality water filter.

#3: Purchase a good Juicer: Investing in a good juicer will not only allow you to obtain the maximum juice from your fruit but will also help you save effort and time for preparation and cleanup. Always buy a juicer that has only a few parts to assemble and dissemble and is at least of 700 watts. Also don’t go cheap as you will be using it every day and a cheap one just won’t handle regular use.

#4: Plan your Juice Diet Fast: Timing can play a vital role in a juice fast. For fasting, choose days that can give you ample time in the mornings to prepare your juices. Avoid choosing days that require you to remain energetic all day.

During Fasting:

#1: Drink Juice As Much As You Can: Don’t go crazy but keep in mind that drinking juice throughout the day is vital during a juice cleanse as it not only helps cleanse your body, but also helps the body receive essentials nutrients for proper functioning. Ensure that you drink at least four to five servings of juice a day. In addition, ensure that you drink plenty of water when on a juice cleanse. Drinking water will not only help flush toxins from your body and help rehydrate after elimination, but will also keep your hunger at bay by helping you to feel full.

#2: Do some light exercises: Doing simple exercises when on a juice fast helps divert your minds attention of any hunger symptoms and also help stimulate the digestive system. Walking is the best recommendation, get some sunlight while you’re at it.

#3: Remove waste from your system: Bowel movements can help get rid of built-up toxins in the colon naturally. Drinking warm lime water with little honey in the morning works beneficially in helping stimulate bowel movements. Think of your fast like having a natural enema.

Benefits of Juice Fast

joe before and after

Joe’s before and after shots from a 30 day juice cleanse

Allows Maximum Detoxification: Juice cleanse or juice fast is a detox diet that provides the body vital nutrients like anti- inflammatory,anti-oxidants and all sorts of vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. This helps support the different phases of the natural detox process and help flush the cumulative toxins stored in the body, allowing maximum detoxification.

Lose Weight: A juice fast diet is not only naturally low in calories and also helps a dieter control his or her appetite and cravings. As a result, it not only helps a person lose weight naturally, but also makes feel better and more energetic.

Provide the body with Super Nutrition: As mentioned above drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices helps provide the body with all minerals, vitamins and the important phytonutrients (micronutrients) that are powerhouses for healing and clean-up process.  This is far superior to vitamin and mineral supplements in the respect that the naturally occurring nutrients come ready with the enzymes needed to absorb said nutrients. Drinking raw juices also helps retain the nutrients that can otherwise be destroyed by cooking. The amount of produce you can drink will far surpass the amount you can eat so just think of how much nutrients your body is getting!

Relieve Physical Conditions: Practicing a juice fast not only helps you feel better, but also helps relieve chronic symptoms such as rashes, bloating, cramping, headaches, general aches and congested chest and sinuses. As you see in fat sick and nearly dead, Joe was able to cure his skin condition and get off the meds!

Encourages eating Healthy: Juice fasting focuses on drinking fresh produce every few hours. This encourages the dieter to eat healthy food and reduce his addiction for harmful foods.

Juicer Featured In Fat Sick And Nearly Dead

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

This is the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain, it is the juicer used in the documentary and the juicer that I personally use. It is not the greatest juicer out there but it is the best overall in regards to price, durability, ease of use and cleaning. Check It Out On Amazon.

Fat Sick And Nearly Dead Recipes

fat sick and nearly dead juice recipe book

You Can Pick Up The Recipe Book By Clicking Here

Joe’s Favorite Juice Recipe

1 Cucumber

4 Stalks of celery

A handful of kale

2 apples

half a lemon

A piece of ginger about the size of  half of your thumb (depending on how much you like ginger). More recipes like this can be found in Joe’s book; 101 juice recipes found on amazon as well as the juicer from the movie.

Some More Popular Juicing Recipes;

Sweet Alkalizer

Sweet Alkalizer

5 stalks of celery

5 carrots

1 apple

About half a thumb sized piece of fresh turmeric,

This is quite a sweet juice and will help balance the ph of your body, the turmeric will add a myriad of health benefits!


Beetroot Juice

1 fresh beetroot (just the root, add in stalk and leaves if you want)

2 apples

5 stalks of celery

a couple sprigs of mint

Both the beetroot and carrots are high in antioxidants, beta carotene to be exact

Immunity Booster

Immunity booster

2 oranges

4 carrots

1 cucumber

about a thumb sized piece of ginger.

All of these juice recipes will help boost your immune system but this particular recipe contains ginger which has the added benefit of being a natural antibiotic..


Watch The Whole Documentary Below

Fat sick and nearly dead diet dangers

There are a few things to watch out for, when you are juicing fruit and vegetables you are taking out all or most of the fibre and there is very little protein in fruit and vegetables, one way around this for the fiber is to consume Psyllium Husks.

As for the protein, the amount required depends on a lot of variables, how active you are, how much muscle mass you have etc. If you are a person that requires a lot of protein but still wish to undergo a juice fast you could supplement with green protein powders such as hemp or pea protein.

Alternatively you could try sprouted brown rice protein. I do not recommend whey protein as they normally have a lot of nasty additives and are just not that good for which really defeats the purpose of going on a fast in the first place. Another option would be to go on a shorter fast, just a couple of days or perhaps a week as opposed to a month long fast as shown in the documentary shown above.

Normally the juice cleanse will consist of 80 percent vegetable and 20 percent fruit, so the fruit should give you enough carbohydrates to keep you going (depending on your requirements)

When on a detox diet (any detox) in the first couple of days you will notice cold and flu like symptoms, headaches etc. This is quite normal, what is happening is your body will be burning fat very quickly, the body stores a lot of your toxins in your fat cells so when your body is burning a lot of fat all at once all the toxins are being released into your blood stream.

The severity of this depends on how unhealthy you were in the first place and how extreme your detox is. If at any stage the symptoms become too severe you should stop and seek medical advice.



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Comments on “Fat Sick And Nearly Dead Diet”

  1. pat says:

    I don’t understand the need to make juice from the fruit and vegetables. Couldn’t you just eat them and get fiber and plant proteins like vegans do? You would still be getting all the produce.

    1. admin says:

      I can juice an entire celery and a 1 kilo bag of carrots and it makes about a litre of vegetable juice which I can drink in a couple of hours and get most of the micro nutrients (antioxidants,vitamins and minerals) from said vegetables. It is unlikely I would eat that much vegetables in that amount of time. (Not that I would want to)

      In the documentary mentioned in this article Joe was drinking fruit/vegetable juice all day.To get the amount of nutrients he was consuming you would have to be eating raw vegetables constantly through out the entire day, most people would probably be unable to eat that much.

      So you get the nutrients from a large quantity of vegetables without having to eat that much. On the downside you don’t get the fibre.
      This method gives you greater absorption than if you were to take multi vitamin pills.

    2. Joshua White says:

      Also the fact that the juices are already broken down to a liquid form means your body does not need to spend time breaking them down as much and can absorb those nutrients much quicker, and your body will have energy left over since it would usually use this energy to digest your food

  2. Debi says:

    I have a jack lalane juices and a vitamix. Would it be healthier to just use the vitamix since it pulverizes everything to a juice like quality, would that be more healthy since you get the fiber too?

    1. admin says:

      The vitamix sounds like it makes a smoothie rather than a juice, so you won’t be able to consume as much vegetables. What I mean by that is a juicer extracts only the juice from the produce so you take in a lot of vitamins and minerals (micornutrients) without feeling full. With a smoothie you won’t be taking in as much micronutrients because you are consuming every part of the vegetable. However you will get the macronutrients as well. (fibre, protein, carbs)

      Both options are healthy and it really depends on what your goals are – if you have a mineral or vitamin deficiency I would recommend juicing or for just maintaining good health have a smoothie. A smoothie will almost replace a meal if you are not that hungry where a juice will not. (unless you are on a fast)

      Although there really is no reason why you can’t do both smoothie in the morning and juice in the evening. Hope this helps

  3. Yanet Cabanilla says:

    Hi, I watched sick ,fat,and nearly dead last night with my boss she is very ill,my name is Yanet and I weight 180lbs,my height is 5’2″ Iam goin to try to juice for one week today was my first day 05/06/16 I’ll do 3 days and so on, I was inspired by joe…. So I’ll leave another comment after 3 days to tell you how it went!!!!

    1. admin says:

      He is a very charismatic individual, The first couple of days are the most difficult. I hope it goes well for Yanet and I am looking forward to hearing how you go 🙂

    2. I_Want_to_Try_This says:


      We need to hear what happened. Even if you failed, we want to hear about your experiment. What worked and what was a challenge. What you would do differently if you tried to do it again. If you can remember, how did you feel at different times of the day.

      Let us know. Thanks.

      1. admin says:

        I hope she is ok….

  4. Liz says:

    You don’t mention ant physical symptoms of the juice fast. Are there likely to be any? Last time I tried a fast ( just apples ) I had a terrible headache and my mood was so low. I gave up

    1. admin says:

      An apple fast? I have never heard of that one. You need to keep in mind that everyone’s body is different so what you may experience would be different to what someone else would.

      Your headache was likely caused from when your body was drawing toxins out of your fat cells and into your blood stream to get rid of them, via your filtering organs.

      The fast that is shown in this documentary is very extreme, if you are concerned then start of with just a weekend fast or do one meal a day and a juice for the other two meals.

      In regards to symptoms; headaches, change of moods, irritability, lack of energy etc. That is what most people experience, if it ever gets too bad just stop your fast and try again for shorter periods.

    2. Leah says:


      The apple cleanses I have heard of are typically to flush the kidneys. The kidneys are the organ which store feelings of anger, rage, resentment, etc. Which explains your moods being low. Many emotions were moving. Maybe try again and focus on releasing these emotions as well. Best of luck to you!

  5. Martine says:

    I would like to know what you think of these juices? https://dosejuice.com/cleanses

    And can I make all the juices I need for one day at once or they need to be done and ingested fast at each “meal”?

    Thinking of doing a week as I too just watched the first movie and I need to lose weight (100 lbs) and be more healthy.

    Thank you!

    1. admin says:

      With juicing fresh is best. As soon as you cut a vegetable into pieces it starts to lose nutrients, when they have been juiced they are cut into tiny pieces so they will lose nutrients faster.

      The juices you showed me are pre prepared so can’t really be that fresh, also they are very expensive.

      You are better off buying a juicer and if you can, buy fresh organic fruit and vegetables and juice them yourself – better for your health and better for your wallet.

  6. Melc says:

    Hi i am starting the fast with my boyfriend as we watched fat sick and nearly dead. I have chrons so i wanted to try it out. We have bought a juicer and are all set but he is wondering if he can drink flavoured water whilst fasting ?

    1. admin says:

      You need to be more specific as to what you mean by ‘flavoured water’

      If it is fruit infused water using real fruit then it should not be a problem.

      If it is store bought flavoured water then I recommend you read the label and if it contains anything artificial or refined sugar then you should avoid it.

  7. Misty MacNeill says:

    I have two questions. Did Joe watch calories at all? With juicing 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent fruit, is this by volume or calorie total? Thank you.

    1. admin says:

      It is unclear if Joe was keeping track of calories.

      He was regularly visiting a doctor and a nutritionist so he may have been.

      By volume.

      Different fruits and vegetables have different amounts of calories in them, I felt if you need to work out calories for every juice then then it would make it too much of a chore and would discourage people from doing it.

  8. Bae R. says:

    I’m starting the juicing diet soon by drinking 5-6 times the mean green juice only and brisk walking 10,000 steps a day (except Sundays I will hike 17 miles). I’m 205 lbs., 5″4′, 23 years old female and have tried to go the vegan route (just greens, beans and rice), Insanity workouts and moderate exercise while eating healthy proportioned foods. Nothing has worked. I don’t work, I have dedicated months to my body alone. I believe that no matter how hard this juicing with veggies and fruit might seem, it’s the illusion or better yet the “light at the end of the tunnel” that it works. Because in the end, whether it’s 3-60 days, it will work. Honestly, I’ll be happy with 5-10 lbs that I lose in 30 days. I’ll try to keep you guys updated! I only pray I can last long enough without any health complications. I have Multi for Her gummy vitamins and will purchase Iron pills, form of protein and fiber.

  9. Stephanie H says:

    I’m starting the juicing diet next week. I originally tried to do it last spring with my boyfriend when we first moved in together. At that time I weighed 165lbs (I’m 23 years old and 5 foot 4). I had to stop less than a week in though because I found out I was pregnant. Fast forward a year and a half and I’m now a mom with an 8 1/2 month old daughter. I’m now 204lbs which is the absolute heaviest I’ve ever been, including while I was pregnant. My back aches constantly now, and my knees are sore 24/7 from the strain of carrying the extra weight. I’m going to start out with just a week to see if I can do it. I walk approximately 5km/day, so I will be trying to maintain and possibly increase that level of activity throughout this diet. My goal is to do 60 days and hopefully lose the 54lbs that I want to lose. I’ll check back in 2 weeks with an update on my progress.

    1. admin says:

      Best of luck to you Stephanie 🙂
      I am looking forward to hearing from you

      1. Stephanie H says:

        So my first week went about as well as it did the first time around. I was sick everyday. So instead of doing a full on fast I’m only eating one healthy meal each day. So far I’ve lost 2lbs and 0.8% body fat. I lack energy most of the time, but I’m feeling great. I’m going to try for another week and see how I feel.

  10. Carola says:

    I am a female 46 years old, 5’2 160 pounds, I started the juice yesterday, I think it was the hardest day because I was hungry all the time, today is my second day and I am feeling much better. The reason I started the juice is because I had an accident 3 years ago, it hurt my hips and my back, I am on pain all the time and the doctors gave me strong medicine for the pain but it has side effects, at this point I am not taking it all, just at nite. But even with the medicine, I keep waking up every two hours because of the time, but last nite I did sleep 6 hours in a row and I was amazed that the pain was not as bad. I am looking forward for the days without pain doing this diet. I o have a question for you, I am drinking the green juice, fruit juice and water, can I eat almonds or any type of nuts or not? thanks for your response

    1. admin says:

      Sorry to hear about your accident but I am pleased to hear the juicing is helping, it sounds like you are doing the fast more for health reasons rather than weight loss so I don’t see any problem with eating almonds, just don’t go nuts (pun unintended) eating too many nuts all at once may upset your stomach.

  11. Mel says:

    Hi so I am just wondering how much juice you are supposed to drink during the day. I would like to start soon and want to make my juice for the whole day in the morning to take with me where ever I go. Is 1 litre enough? Can you drink too much?

    1. admin says:

      I gave a recommendation of four to five servings, but that really depends on how much fruit you are using, how big you are and how active you are, also drinking the juice straight away is ideal so have a fresh juice for breakfast, take one or two servings with you and have a fresh juice for dinner. (more or less depending on your requirements)

      Go on a two day fast to begin with, to get an idea of how much you need.

      I have not heard of anyone having too much juice but with that being said, don’t go crazy.

  12. Carmel Dolan says:

    I have started the juice fast and am enjoying the experience. Can I have an occasional while on this fast with almond milk

  13. Carmel Dolan says:

    Sorry I left out the word coffee

    1. admin says:

      Green tea would be better, but I don’t see any harm in having the occasional coffee

      1. Carmel Dolan says:

        Great thank. I could see no reference to coffee. But green tea is good too. First day over. Went well but I found it hard to keep warm.

        1. Vickie says:

          I started doing a veg and fruit smoothie fast yesterday as well. I have had headaches and also found it hard to keep warm. Today 24hrs on I’m still having headaches and lethargy as expected. I hope that these side effects resolve soon!

  14. Anab Yussuf says:

    I am a female late fifties of age and I started the juice on Sept 14, 2016. I checked my weight on Sept 16, 2016 and I lost 1.6Lbs. It is not easy to do it. My goal is to do 60 days and hopefully to lose 90Lbs in 60 days. in 3rd day I felt pain when try to urinate and constipation. However, Joe did not mention at all his documentary that we need a protein supplement that is why the side effects occurred. I found out after my research. Can you please confirm it ? I would like to eat Nut and dates and drink coffee or tea every morning. Can you please advice . I’ll update to you on my progress.

  15. admin says:

    Joe regularly saw a doctor and I advise you to do the same, if you experience any pain then you should stop.

    A 60 day fast is extreme, try a 2 day fast, then a 4 day fast, then 5 days etc.

    Alternatively you can replace just one or two meals a day with a juice.

  16. Anab Yussuf says:

    I feel great and no pain and no constipation at all. I think my body adopted the juice now and I lost 5Lbs/week. Joe Cross and Phil Staples inspired me to do this diet and to in lose weight and get health as I am over weight person. My goal is to wear the sweater from size 5XL to 2XL. I encouraged my son to do the same and he will start soon after he purchase the juicer. I greatly appreciated for your advise. Thank you very much.

    1. admin says:

      That’s great to hear and you are very welcome 🙂

  17. Deb says:

    After watching the movie, I have decided to try doing the 10 day fast. Long enough to get results but not too long. I am in my late 50’s and am very obese. I love to cook and eat which of course got me in this fix, but I truly believe Joe was sent to me. I will do this. I am strong.

    1. admin says:

      Good Luck 🙂

  18. Maureen says:

    Hi . I started the juice cleanse today! The juices are delicious. I already eat tons of veggies so it is easy to just drink them. However, I am starved!!!! Lol. I have made two different juices so far today. Mainly the green juice with kale, celery, apples and ginger.
    My question…. can I drink too much juice the first day? And I am freezing! I am usually always HOT!! I am 56 female with Discoid Lupus and Arthritis and Collagenous Colitis.
    Love the documentary. I watched it on Netflix, however upon purchasing the juicer yesterday, the DVD was a free gift, allowing me to pass it around and share it with others!!!

  19. admin says:

    You can also watch it for free on youtube or at the bottom of this page!

    I have had a few people tell me they are freezing, that did not happen to me, everyone reacts differently.

    You can drink too much as you are taking in so many vitamins and minerals, how much you drink varies from person to person but drink a minimum 4 juices a day and if you feel you need more than gradually add more servings or bigger servings eventually you will get used to what your body can handle.

    If you feel hungry you can eat some nuts or perhaps a boiled egg or any lean sources of protein and fiber.

    Most importantly don’t over do it, if you feel really bad at anytime then stop for a few days and try again.

    1. Maureen says:

      Thank you so very much for the reply!! I am loving these juices..
      Having fun in the organic section of the produce department. I have always cooked
      Lots of veggies anyway so have a good idea of what to purchase. I am down 3 lbs. I am sure it is mostly water weight. Wrapping up day two and love my juicer also!
      I will you posted.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Is it ok to make a couple of juices in the a.m and bring to work for lunch? I feel like I read somewhere that juice loses its nutritional value if you don’t drink it right away. I also saw somewhere that you can store it in a dark container so it doesn’t get exposed to light? I appreciate your feedback.

  21. admin says:

    It is true that as soon as you juice fruit or vegetables they will start to lose their nutritional value but if you are unable to make a fresh juice at work then a juice that is a couple of hours old is better than none at all.

    Storing it in a container in the fridge helps or just keeping it out of the sun if a refrigerator is not an option.

    You could however drink juice in the morning and evening and have a healthy (solid) lunch during the day….

    1. Stephanie says:

      Awesome! Thanks for getting back to me so quick!

  22. Anabanana says:

    Tomorrow is day one for me and my mom! Trying to improve my health get off coffee, sugar, and salt. I was so moved by the transformation that Joe and Phil went thru I have to try it out! I am going for a 10 day fast to start.

    1. admin says:

      Good Luck 😉

  23. Brian says:

    I just saw your documentary on Netflix. I am so doing this. I was very impressed with the film. I am definitely ready for a lifestyle change. We are adopting a baby and want to be healthy and happy for my child’s future.

    1. admin says:

      Best of luck Brian 😉

  24. Gilly says:

    Like every one else who has posted a message here, my husband and I watched FSND end of June 2016. We turned to each other and said “we have to do this”. Bought a juicer and started the next day. We juice for breakfast and lunch (take it to work in glass bottles) and have a juice with a healthy meal in the evening. I snack on nuts, carrots and plain salted chips – my one cheat. We have both lost weight, have more energy and clearer attitude to the coming day. I have nearly no eczema and my husband has halved his blood pressure medication. Weight loss to date: Him = 26lbs (12kg), Her = 23lbs (10.5kg). We will both be continuing with this new “lifestyle” (not a diet for us) indefinately. Also, my horses appreciate the weight loss and my chaps fit me again!!!! Good luck everyone, enjoy life and juice on.

    1. admin says:

      Great to hear Gilly. Thanks for posting your story on here!!

  25. Janet says:

    Hi I just watched the film. As a chronically sick disabled 75 year old female with a poor diet I have wanted to something to get out of a rut. I just unearthed my juicer and intend to make a start tomorrow. I will not fast as I don’t think I can, but will add juice instead of a meal as a means of making some improvement. perhaps I will now get some benefit from the veg and fruit I buy instead of letting it rot in the fridge. I’m not obese just slightly over weight at 11 stone 11 lbs. Anything is better than nothing. Janet

    1. admin says:

      I hope it goes well for you and your health improves. You don’t have to fast, a juice can be a great addition to a healthy diet, I drink a juice a day instead of taking a multivitamin….

  26. Bridget says:

    My juicer broke after 4 months so i bought a nutribullet and love how easy it is to clean however i prefer the texture of juice to a smoothe. Does it still hold enough micronutrients to fast for 10 days and do i need less in a day as they are quite filling. I am 56 and weigh 15 stone 3 and I am 5 ft. I want to loose 3 stone to feel healthy again. I was truly inspired by Joe and Phil.

    1. admin says:

      With a smoothie you can’t really get as much vegetables in there, so you may not be getting enough micronutrients, to boost the nutrition I suggest adding chia seeds, spirulina, cacao etc. Basically add some superfoods…. And yes you are right they are more filling so you will not need to drink as much.

  27. Thomas HAAS says:

    I’m starting my fast on today incentives this is a expensive life style change. I’m very excited and highly motivated. I’ve been on the YO YO so long I want this bad. Thanks Joe!!!!!

    1. admin says:

      You can do it Thomas!

  28. Neilson says:

    Can you do this with a Nutribullet?

    1. admin says:

      Nutribullets are for making smoothies, this post is about juices.

  29. kelly says:

    How expensive or cost efficient is the juice diet..i am interested in giving it a try and would like a general idea of expenses involved for perhaps the 10 day diet to start?

  30. admin says:

    The cost of the juicer then the cost of fruit and vegetables, considering you are drinking your food it should cost about the same as if you were just eating normally…. Really depends on how much you are spending on your produce, I would recommend shopping at a farmers market and buying what is in season to keep costs down…

  31. Elaine Taylor says:

    Hi Joe I am writing for a friend , his wife need help she is in a Rehab Center to help her loose weight but that place is a big joke. I watched your documentary and I believe that u could make a big difference in both the wife and husband ‘s life. I will give more information . Your response will be greatly appreciated. The couple reside in NewYork.

    1. admin says:

      I am not Joe, this is his website here; http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/

  32. Roger W. says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    A friend recommended your site to me this morning. I went to it, but I can’t use it. Your web master forgot to check it with Google Chrome set at Very Large text. I have to zoom the page so far down that I’d have to have a microscope to read the text. At all but extremely small zoom levels, the text on the right side is covered up. No scroll bar appears on the bottom of the screen to scroll to see the missing text and photos. On the left side, there is a scroll bar, but it’s like trying to thread a need to get my arrow to land on it to scroll up and down.

    I’m sorry, but your site is the worst site for structure that I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to 10’s of thousands of websites. It looks like you have some of the best content on the Internet however. Thank you for that. I wish I could access it. I guess I could by copying and pasting articles into a text application.

    Please let me know when you’ve made adjustments to your site and you are no longer discriminating unwittingly against normally sited people, as well as visually impaired people like me. I have cataracts right now. I’m using natural cures. You might have information on your site to help people to get rid of cataracts without surgery.

    By the way, the friend who recommended your site regarding drinking ozonated water, told me that since drinking ozonated water she has more energy and her vision is getting sharper. She also has fewer floaters in her vision.

    I just noticed, with a lot of eyestrain trying to read this page, that there is no button to click on to Print the article, or Save to Printer to then to save as a PDF. Perhaps you could make printing and downloading to PDFs possible.


    Roger W.

    1. admin says:

      Clicking the x on the green side bar on the left will close that which should make the text on right side visible. I am using google chrome and I zoomed right in and was able to read content. Perhaps you can copy paste the article on to a word doc and read it from there.

      Good to hear about your friends health improvements 🙂

  33. Tina says:

    I juiced for eight days, lost 9 lbs and felt fantastic after a couple of days I had so much energy. So now I’m gearing up to do it again. The first couple of days are a little trying but after that it was fantastic!

  34. Annette says:

    I have attempted to reach out to you (admin) via email address provided in the ‘Contact Us’ section and was alerted that the email was undeliverable. Aside from public comments, how can one reach out to you?

    The following is content from the automated email response:

    This is the mail system at host eforward3e.registrar-servers.com.

    I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
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    1. admin says:

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention, you can contact me via comments until I get this problem sorted out…

  35. Sherry says:

    Is spinach not a good green to juice?

    1. admin says:

      I use the juicer featured in the documentary and it does not work well with leafy greens, I use greens with big stalks, for example swiss chard or celery. You can use spinach if you want you just do not get much juice from it unless you buy a slow juicer also known as a slow press juicer.

      I don’t like that kind of juicer as they are more expensive and take a lot longer to extract juice…

  36. Jackie says:

    Hi can I add a protein powder and still lose weight fast?

  37. Ashley says:

    I am wanting to start a juice cleanse and am curious. Is there a limit on the amount of juice you can drink. Is there such a thing as too much juice??

    1. admin says:

      It depends on the individual, try drinking a little more each day and see how you feel

  38. Maria says:

    I have juice for three and half weeks .I have lost 27 pounds .

  39. angelaanaconda says:

    Hi. I am STARVING but I don’t want to compromise my weight loss. What do you suggest? I’m a high school teacher so on my feet all day long. Thank you!

    1. admin says:

      Eat some fruit or a salad or do your fast only on weekends

  40. SDulcich says:

    I cannot use apple, melon of any kind or ginger. What can I substitute for those?

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