Dr Bob Beck- A Fallen Hero

Dr Bob Beck- A Fallen Hero

Dr. Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc., is known as a famous researcher and inventor in the field of Energy Medicine devices.  He created the Beck Protocol, which is a natural health, bioelectric protocol that is designed to help the body heal itself.

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This led him to develop five other ways to improve our body’s health because of his passion for using electrotherapy technology to help heal.  Four of which work together and have become known as the Beck Protocol.  Using micro currents of electricity known as micro pulsing or blood electrification is the first step.  The device uses a very small alternating electric current passed through electrodes placed against the skin, precisely under the wrist where you check a pulse.

The second step is the application of a pulsed magnetic field, called magnetic pulsing.  The third step is drinking ionic colloidal silver and then drinking Ozonated water is the fourth step to improving our body’s overall health.  The Bio Tuner or Brain Tuner is the fifth step, it applies mild frequencies to harmonize and relax the brain.

People from all walks of life try the Beck Protocol.  Some of them are seeking a way to gain better health, others are facing health problems and are at the point where other options have failed them.  Beck created the Brain Tuner in 1983.  Rejuvenation, healing and rapid re-stimulation of neuro-transmitters is encouraged by using over 200 specific frequencies.

Beck was among the first to simplify a cranial electrical stimulation (CES) type of unit to create it useable at the patients home.  The Brain Tuner has been used to help with addictions and also is known to enhance brain functions that decrease stress and anxiety, as well as improve memory and sleep.

His research then led him to look at the effects of electrical frequencies on the lymphatic system.  Most viral infections may lodge in the lymph nodes, Beck developed a magnetic pulse generator to bring electricity to specific nodes in the body.  His work in this field led him to work with HIV and AIDS patients.  Colloidal silver was also highlighted as a natural antibiotic.  Afterwards he began to create devices that were able to produce colloidal/ionic silver in the home.

Using Dr. Becks blood electrification cost only pennies a day, profit for this device is basically non-existent.  This is why the therapy does not appeal to pharmaceutical companies or medical corporations that require a large profit.  This can also be the reasons that there is a lack of interest in the mainstream and a lack of proper research studies.  Beck did small experiments and research studies but there have not been any official large scale research studies to support his claims.

It was unknown the full potential of the immune system because every scientific study that has been done on the immune system was done on humans who had two pounds of microbes in their bloodstream.  The immune systems of these humans were smothered by the microbes so it was hard to tell how potent the immune system could actually be.

Beck discovered that when you get rid of these microbes the immune system immediately begins to super charge itself.  Two key molecules called: interleukin and interferon are created in the immune system.  These molecules are called neuropeptides, there are over 2,000 neuropeptides in the human body.  But the cancer-fighting properties of most of them are unknown.  Interleukin and interferon may just be deadly to cancer cells after the removal of the microbes because they are able to be produced in higher volume.  The Bob Beck Protocol started out as a treatment for AIDS and HIV but it turned out to be an excellent treatment for cancer because of the way it supports the immune system.

Two medical doctors, Dr. Kaali and Dr. Lyman, discovered in 1990, viruses could be disabled and unable to infect other cells and multiply by a small electric current.  Small amounts of electricity have also been affective against bacteria and fungus.

These studies combined proves their discoveries to be one of the greatest medical discoveries in history because almost all diseases are caused by microbe (virus, bacteria and fungus).  This gives us the key to curing just about every disease known to mankind.  Dr. Bob Beck often referred to his lectures as “Take Back Your Power”.  He never sold anything he just wanted to get the information out to the public that you can cure yourself from serious, life threatening diseases without turning over your wallet and life to the drug and medical industry.

He believed that that the medical industry was only interested in managing your health conditions instead of curing them.  ‘Managing’ a health condition is a continuing stream of income generated for the medical insurance companies, hospitals, and health care providers, but by ‘curing’ a patient it means a lost customer.

While commercial suppliers charged almost $100 for a 2 or 4 oz. bottle of colloidal silver in the early 1990’s, Beck demonstrated that it could easily be made for “pennies to the gallon”.  Colloidal silver could be produced,  by simply hooking together three 9volt batteries and two pieces of pure silver wire into a basic low voltage electrolysis circuit.

The Brain Tuner, developed by Dr. Bob Beck in the mid 1980’s was able to balance the electrical activity of both hemispheres in the brain.  It was similar to the effects of the Russian invention that was about a quarter of a million dollars and as big as an office desk.  He found that alcoholics and drug addicts could get off of drugs with no withdrawal symptoms in about a week, when using the Brain Tuner.

He went around to alcohol and drug detox clinics to show them his invention for a one week, no pain cure from drug addiction, but none of them were interested.  Obviously a one week cure instead of the traditional 4 to 6 months detox regimen could cost them money.

We owe Bob Beck a great debt of gratitude as he spent a good part of his life trying to show people that they could cure themselves of serious disease conditions.  So that they did not have to be indentured to the drug companies, established medicine, or the health insurance industry. RIP Dr Bob beck

source for featured image- http://www.colloidalsilver.com.au/

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Comments on “Dr Bob Beck- A Fallen Hero”

  1. rickie says:

    I was diagnosed with bladder cancer the last year when for my chemo then May 1st 2015 did my surgery took my bladder and prostate and 42 lymph nodes went for my first check up 3 months I was clear went for my second check up now they found a spot in my kidney and a spot on my pancreas just wondering what would be the best protocol for me thank you god bless you

    1. admin says:

      Hi Rickie, thanks for visiting my blog. I am very sorry to hear about your condition, I too have experience with cancer, (I have lost close family members) which is what prompted me to start this blog.

      There are many alternative treatments for cancer however it is difficult to know how effective they are due to the fact that there is little data because most people opt for chemo or radiology under the advisement of their oncologist. I will list a few options below but I would like to add a disclaimer stating that I do not know for sure the effectiveness of these treatments and I am not an oncologist.

      There is evidence to suggest cannabis oil (not smoking it) has effects on fighting cancer http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/02/18/molecular-biologist-explains-how-thc-completely-kills-cancer-cells/ (no affiliation with that website)

      I have heard apricot kernels can help; http://www.naturalnews.com/027088_cancer_laetrile_cure.html (no affiliation with that website)

      Here is an oncologist who has an alternative method; http://www.curenaturalicancro.com/en/ (no affiliation)

      Also something that everyone should be doing weather they have cancer or not will be to eliminate as many carcinogens from your lifestyle, eat organic, buy a water filter that removes fluoride, use deoderants, cosmetics soaps etc. that are aluminium free and remove refined sugar from your diet…

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