Do Detox Drinks Work?

Do Detox Drinks Work?

When it comes to body detoxification, there is no doubt that detox drinks are becoming the talk of the town. Many people are turning to these home-made products after realizing the adverse side effects caused by some factory-made detoxification supplements. If you make your own then you know exactly what is going inside your body.

Store bought detox drink, mixtures often come with nasty additives and fillers. They also come at higher price compared to the natural drinks. These are some of the reasons why people are running away from them. But the big question remains to be, do detox drinks work?


It is difficult to answer as detox drinks are made up of different ingredients, some people soak the ingredients in water over night so more of the nutrients leach into the water where some individuals only soak the ingredients for an hour or two.

Also just drinking more water will have positive effects on your body therefore it is hard to determine what is working – just the water or the fruit and vegetables infused into the water.

Of course prevention is always better than a cure, if you do not flood your body with toxins then you are less likely to need a detox but having said that in this day and age it is almost impossible to avoid toxins altogether.

A detox drink can be anything from a green smoothie to a vegetable juice to a fruit infused water.

This article focuses more on fruit infused waters.

Hydration is important for optimal health. The recommendation is for the average adult drink up to 8 glasses of water each day. This increases due to heat, physical exercise and a persons individual needs. Here is a water calculator to help you.

Detox Water explained:

Simply put, detox water is infused water or fruit juice or other substances mixed with water. A fruit infused detox drink is where you use vegetables, herbs or fruits and soak them in water to absorb flavors rather than juicing or blending.

This means the water will carry the flavor of the ingredients but essentially has no calories hence why it is popular for weight loss.

apple cider vinegar detox drink

This recipe will be much more effective than a fruit infused water

Make your own Detox Water

Another bonus is that is very easy to make your own detox water.

First, chop your chosen fresh, organic produce and add to either cool or hot water. Allow the ingredients to steep in the fridge until the water is nice and cold – so at least two hours, longer is better.

Then filter out the ingredients and you are left with refreshing cold detox water.

You can also crush the ingredients before hand to speed the infusing process along and this will help more of the essential minerals and vitamins to actually leech into the water – along with more flavour.

Some of the more flavorful and popular combinations of detox water ingredients are:

  • Lemon water detox
  • Lemon/ginger
  • Lemon/lime
  • Lemon/cayenne pepper
  • Lemon/Orange
  • Cucumber/mint.
  • Blackberry with orange.
  • Watermelon with mint.
  • Grapefruit and a pinch of rosemary.
  • Strawberry with basil.
  • Apple/ cinnamon.

Here is another 50 fruit infused detox water recipes for inspiration.

What are the Health Claims About Fruit Infused Detox Water

The benefits of detox water include weight loss, immune system support, improved digestion, skin, hair and nail health, high energy levels, toxin removal and balancing the pH of your body.

Generally the benefits of the water are based on what kind of ingredients you have steeped into your water.

However as you do not receive many nutrients from the ingredients – as the water is only flavored, many of the listed benefits come mainly from drinking more water.

There are ‘real’ or support benefits of this water.

Detox Water and Weight Loss

Water helps to raise your metabolic rate, allowing your body to burn calories faster. There have been studies which show that drinking 12 ounces of water increases metabolism over 30% in the 30 minutes after drinking it (12).

Drinking water also reduces hunger. Participants who drank water before a meal ate less than those who did not (3).

Another study found that adults on a weight loss regime who drank 17 ounces of water before their meals lost almost double the weight than those who did not (4).

This is why those who drink the recommended volumes of water when undergoing a weight loss program are more likely to lose far more weight than people who do not drink enough water (56)

Boosts Digestive Health

Drinking lots of water helps your digestion by allowing food to move through your gut smoothly – preventing constipation.

Hydration is key to healthy and regualr bowel movements. Constipation makes you feel tired, bloated and is linked to other medical issues (7891011).

Detox Water Brings Up Mood and Energy Levels

Dehydration is known to drop mood and concentration levels. Being dehydrated as low as 1% causes headaches, moodiness and difficulty concentrating (12131415). Drinking water is a quick and easy way to improve your mood, up your energy and make you feel better overall.

This study increased the water intake in a group of adults who were chronically dehydrated – their intake went from 41 ounces to 85 ounces each day. They reported feeling happier, calmer, more focused and had better energy levels (16).

Detox Water Improves Immune Function

While it is a known fact that fruits and vegetables help support immune function as part of a balanced diet, this water claim is a little over the top.

Vitamin C is a leading immune system booster, especially when taken regularly (17). The issue is that the amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from infused water can be extremely low.

Obviously this depends on how much of the fruit and vegetable nutrients are infused into the water, the color of the water is a good indication.

For example with the lemon detox water, lemon juice is squeezed into the water so you will be drinking a decent amount of nutrients from the lemon, so this claim has a lot to do with which fruit infused detox water you are referring to.

Does it Detoxify Your Body?

Detox diets claim to make you healthier by shedding toxins from your body, through cleansing properties. Sound vague? Well, it is. Our bodies are designed to be able to detox themselves through our liver, kidneys and skin.

When you flood your body with beneficial nutrients your body’s organs are able to operate at full or nearly full capacity as well as not introducing any new toxins into your body you will eventually get rid of all or most of the toxins that you have stored in your body.

The result is your skin and eyes will be brighter, you will have more energy, you will be all around healthier and your mood will be better.

The reason you get sick is because either your cells do not have enough nutrients or they are flooded with too many toxins or a combination of both.


Does it Balance Your Body’s pH

Detox water is promoted as an “Alkalizing” drink to promote a healthy body pH, and also promoting better overall health. This of course is closely related to what your water is infused with and how much is infused into the water.

Many skeptics claim that it is not possible to alkalize your body through the foods you eat and the body retains its ph balance on its own.

This is true and false, the foods and drinks we consume do change the ph of our body however the body will automatically balance the ph on its own but having said that you are putting your body under strain every time it has to balance the ph.

When consuming detox water lets say one with a decent amount of cucumber infused, the cucumber is alkalizing therefore it will make it easier for your body to balance your ph levels and provided that you are not consuming excessive amounts of refined sugar, coffee or processed foods then you will make it that much easier for your body to maintain that delicate balance.

Does It Improve Your Complexion

Improvements to skin, hair and nails are all popular claims of detox diets. Drinking water will improve the appearance of your skin, especially if you are chronically dehydrated.

However there is little evidence to suggest that specific detox water is more effective at clearing your skin than regular water and again this has a lot to do with the specific detox water you are referring to.

In summary – Detox Water

Most claims are true but it has a lot to with the specific detox water recipe you are using and many detox waters have such a small amount of the fruit/ vegetables added that they are really no more beneficial than regular water.

However as the detox waters are more flavorful due to the infusion of fruits, vegetables or herbs makes the water more exciting and palatable.

If this encourages people to drink water over sugary drinks and sodas, they will see a noticeable improvement to their health through better hydration.

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