Cranberry Juice Detox Diet

Cranberry Juice Detox Diet

Detox diets are becoming an increasingly popular way to rest or aid in detoxifying organs in our bodies. A study reported in the Science Daily explained how unsweetened cranberry juice has been proven to reduce urinary tract infections but has also been linked with reducing the risks of kidney stones, cardio-vascular disease as well as cancer.

Many naturopaths and alternative doctors support the Cranberry Detox which combines unsweetened cranberry juice and water to help flush the kidneys, digestive tract and lymphatic system from toxins that we all pick up from our environments and diets. Results become apparent after a week.

What you will need:  


  • 64 oz. drinking container
  • Organic , not from concentrate, unsweetened cranberry juice
  • Filtered water
  • Organic whole foods and fruit
  • Dandelion leaf in herbal capsules – optional
  • 2 ounces of astragalus tincture – optional


How to do the Cranberry Juice Detox Diet

Step one

This is a detox, which means your diet will drastically change for a short period. Be sure to plan ahead for by checking your schedule for any strenuous activities, physical or mental during your detox time. Choose a time that suits a period of fasting which means lower than normal energy.

Step two

Get a 64 ounce drinking container. Fill with 8-12 ounces of undiluted, unsweetened cranberry juice and fill the rest of the way with water.

Step three

To detox requires you to fast and replace meals with the cranberry juice mixture. Make sure you sip throughout the day like you are ‘eating’ five small meals rather than three large ones. The aim is to drink as much as your 62 ounce container as you comfortably can but do not exceed that container as it will stress your kidneys.

Step four

Repeat the fasting and drinking of the cranberry mixture for up to three days. After the third day, you can re-introduce organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains for your breakfast meal. Continue to drink your cranberry mixture for the rest of the day.

Step five

You can re-introduce organic whole foods back into your diet on the fourth day of your cranberry juice detox.

Avoid toxic foods like heavily processed, packaged food, food high in sugar or salt. It’s best to also avoid meat and animal products at this stage in the detox. Foods you should start to eat are organic whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains nuts and seeds. Drink a large glass of the cranberry mixture before each meal and limited calories to 300-500 per meal.

Step six

Continue this detox process on day five, six and seven., ensuring you drink the cranberry mixture before each meal and sipping on it during the day. Once you come off your detox, it’s a great idea to include one or two fast days into your regular routine to allow your body to rest and for the cranberry juice to flush your system. This detox is a fantastic way to kick start a healthier lifestyle and can break unhealthy cycles of eating processed, sugary foods.



  • Use periodic servings of astragalus tincture to support your immune system during times of fasting. You won’t be consuming a balanced diet during this short period so this is helpful in keeping your defenses strong.
  • Dandelion is a known herbal blood purifier so taking capsule supplements during a detox can increase its effectiveness and leave you feeling even more refreshed.


health benefits of cranberriesSide Effects

As with any change to your diet, consult a health professional – especially if you are vulnerable or with known conditions like diabetes, low blood pressure, are on medications or are pregnant.

You will likely feel the side effects of being on a very low calorie diet. The first two days are completely fasting so you may experience feelings of extreme hunger, dizziness, light headed, irritability or trouble sleeping.

Fasting means your body will begin to burn its fat stores for energy however this is a detox rather than a weight loss scheme. Often the weight loss from fasting will be quickly gained back once the body starts receiving calories again.

This is a normal process however if you need to lose fat, long term lifestyle changes are the only significant way to lose and maintain weight. This detox can help you break your addictions to salt and sugar which can lead to making healthier decisions, eating a more balanced diet based on whole foods which leads to a healthy weight over time.

You can also mix up your cranberry juice detox with these awesome recipes.

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