Coconut oil – The Only Oil You Should Cook With

Coconut oil – The Only Oil You Should Cook With

For the past few years, the use of coconut oil in cooking has been limited due to various harmful reports of its saturated fat content. These saturated fats are known to be associated with several cardiac diseases, linked together with frequent use of coconut oil. Good news,  that is blatantly untrue, recently conducted studies have shown that coconut oil is very beneficial.



The oil  from coconuts is classified under different subcategories, saturated fats do not elicit the same biological outcome in the body. This fact contradicts the previous research generalizing altogether the sources of saturated fats as unhealthy. Further researches are being conducted to back up the advantages.

One subtype of saturated fatty acid found rich in coconut oil  called lauric acid is converted into monolaurin in the body which has strong antibacterial, antiprotozoal and antiviral properties. Lauric acid apparently increases cholesterol levels in the form of HDL. This kind of cholesterol is helpful to the health as also coined as “good” cholesterol, due to the chain length of fatty acids that could determine its advantage to one’s health. Triglycerides, a medium-chain fatty acid, also help in generating energy for the body. These are some of the saturated fat contents present in coconut oil that could also be found valuable.

Disadvantages (debatable, but worth a mention)

In general, a tablespoon of oil comprises just about 120 calories which makes oils not advisable for people who undergo diet programs. However due to it’s ability to kill yeasts in the stomach aiding digestion and providing other benefits the jury is still out as to weather weight gain is indeed a symptom at all. Not to mention the oil from coconuts also act as a good appetite suppressant. Also, the body still needs fats in order to maintain good health.

I eat tons of this stuff and have not ever had any weight gain…

Coconut oil will not turn into an unhealthy fat when heated.

One of the keys to living healthy is to not only eat the right foods but also to eat them in the right way.Trans fats are harmful to your health, even a good healthy oil like olive oil will transform into a trans fat at high temperatures. Making coconut oil the only oil you should be cooking with.

One factor that could destroy the useful fats in oils is the presence of high temperature. When combined with oxygen and light, extreme temperatures terminate polyunsaturated fats during cooking, which make the oil unsuitable for use anymore. Nevertheless, coconut is the kind of oil composed mainly of saturated fats that could tolerate high levels of heat, making it one of the top choices for cookery. Other than that, the finest quality of organic virgin coconut oil delivers an excellent consistency and delightful savor to the food.

Coconut Butter

Another alternative for coconut oil that is also extracted from the whole coconut is the coconut butter. It is a healthier option often found in health food stores or baking sections together with dried coconut flakes. In order to extract the oil from the butter, there is a need to warm the container and stir since the coconut’s melting point is a little higher than the room temperature. The parting of oil from the butter will look similar to peanut butter’s way of normal oil separation. It could be used as an alternative for cooking oil or butter used for baking and spread for pastries.

Virgin Coconut Oil

As mentioned earlier, fatty acid’s chain determines the helpfulness on the body depending on its length. The longer the chain, the unhealthier it becomes since the body finds it harder to absorb, increasing the toxicity it brings to the body. Choosing a high-grade virgin coconut oil helps a lot on avoiding the harmful substances found in oils.

Frequently, commercialized virgin coconut oils found in the nearest supermarket and groceries are extracted from copra or dried coconut oil. Though it is still made from coconut, many but not all manufacturers use certain food preparation methods such as refining, deodorizing and even bleaching which reduces the vital nutrient contents of coconut meat. Also, most coconut oils from copra are sold cheap due to unsanitary manufacture processes that may be unhealthy for ingestion.

To help you choose wisely for a high-grade coconut oil, look for one that was manufactured using the most natural preservation process in the form of refrigeration. With this method, the use of additives, preservatives and other inorganic chemicals are omitted. The oil must come from fresh coconut fruits only. Or just go for Organic coconut oil only.

Other Uses For Coconut Oil;

Coconut is an alternative for sunblock;

After watching Bear grylls avoid sunburn by using a makeshift sunblock from coconuts, I had to try for myself. I found coconut oil to not be as effective as sunblock but much better than nothing at all.

But something ironic about store bought suncreen is that it contains a whole lot of carcinogens. (cancer causing chemicals) don’t believe me look at the ingredients on the back of the sunscreen bottle and google up the ones you cant pronounce- you will discover they are harmful to your health.

In an effort to avoid skin cancer we have been rubbing cancer causing chemicals all over our skin.

And yes Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system –  a healthy immune system is better equipped to fight off cancer….

Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer;

A healthy and chemical free (if it is organic) alternative to  store bought moisturizers, only problem is that it stays greasy so I usually leave it on for a while than later I will rinse of with warm/hot water.


Again a natural alternative to chemical laden steroid creams.


I found this to be much more effective than anti dandruff shampoos and as a result I do not use them any more (I also wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar, which are two more natural dandruff treatments) and as an added bonus your hair will be soft and shiny.

I Also Found This Video;

I do not know the legitimacy of his claims but it is definitely food for thought (excuse the pun)

The coconut  as a whole is a good source of healthy nutrients so be sure to make use of it to the fullest. For instance, the coconut juice is rich in electrolytes as the coconut cream contains a considerate amount of HDL.

Virgin coconut oil, fresh coconut juice, flesh and cream could be combined in your diet to fully enjoy the flavor without sacrificing the nutritional value.

Check here for 50 more uses for coconut oil

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