50 Delicious Detox Water Recipes For Weight Loss

50 Delicious Detox Water Recipes For Weight Loss

fruit infuserDetox water is one of the most hyped thing in the world of weight loss. And it seems like researchers have finally found the most efficient and safest way to cleanse the body for both detoxing and losing weight at the same time.

Some weight loss experts are reluctant to endorse detox drinks because of their sweet taste, but the discoverers of the drinks believe that their tasty nature will motivate users to carry on with their weight loss endeavors.

Sweet foods have been studied to be one of the major drawbacks in achieving weight loss, however these drinks contain healthy sugars and in moderation and combined with an exercise routine you can certainly drop a few sizes.

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1. Lemon Ginger Detox Drink.

Touted as the best detox water, this lemon & ginger combo promotes efficient digestion, treats nausea & stomach disorders and helps fight cancer.

2. Slim Down Detox Water.

slim down detox water
Described as the best starter drink in a detoxification program, this beverage is made from cucumber, tart grapefruit, mint leaves and citrus fruits. The drink is effective in flushing out toxins, burning fat, revitalizing the body and healing the digestive tract.

3. Blackberry & Orange Detox Water.

This masterful concoction is famous for curing stomach ulcers and many skin infections. The berries bring in antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber. They also supply detoxifying compounds known as anthocyanins and which eliminate free radicals from the body.

4. Skinny Detox Cucumber Water.

skinny-detox-cucumber water
Apart from cucumber, this drink recipe features other ingredients such as lemon, lime, mint and grapefruit. It boosts body metabolism, supplies energy needed in losing weight, helps with physiological purification and relieves pain in lungs & belly.

5. Watermelon Detox Water.

water melon water
This flavorful brew contains phytonutrient compounds called lycopene and amino acids. It fights inflammation, aids in blood flow & cardiovascular wellbeing and heals the skin & entire body with antioxidants. It is also unbelievably easy to make.

6. Lemon & Mint Detox Water.

Lemon and Mint Water

Designed to replace sodas and other weight loss inhibitors, this is a sweet beverage that cleanses the blood  and cures many digestion disorders. It contains  electrolytes & vitamin C and provides tingling refreshment.

7. Detox ‘Spa’ Cucumber Water.

detox spa cucumber water
As the name suggests, this recipe is popular whilst having a spa, but it can be consumed anywhere. The cucumber gives it incredible rehydrating properties. It also features lemon and mint leaves which add freshness into it.

8. Raspberry & Mint Scented Water.

Raspberry and mint Water
This is a low-calorie water with antioxidants that cleanse cells and tissue. It removes harmful biological agents from the body and causes a calming effect. The two ingredients boost digestion and promote weight loss.

9. Pineapple Sugarcane Spa Water.


This recipe yields a detox brew with strong hydration and meditative properties. The water is delicious, provides vivacious charm and expels a wide range of toxins from the body.

10. Fat Burning Detox Drink.

fat burning detox drink
Packed with a number of ingredients, this detox water is very efficient in helping you to lose weight. It treats acne & complexion disorders, speeds up metabolism, prevents fat storage and halts consumption cravings.

11. Blueberry Lavender Water.

This is the king when it comes to soothing the brain and providing a good state of mind. It eliminates unwanted toxins, provides vitamin B and gives you energy & stamina to carry on with you daily activities.

12. Fruit & Herb Detox Water.

fruit water recipe

A generic recipe template to give you ideas to create your own concoctions.

13. Dieter’s Dream Water.


A special detox drink made of frozen cranberries, Italian parsley and cilantro. It cleans kidneys and heals disorders of the urinary tract. It also provides energy for improved work-outs and other body-slimming exercises.

14. Flavored Strawberry Fruit Water.

flavored strawberry fruit water
This drink is crafted to not only taste good but to be healthy as well. It contains with juices of oranges, lemons, apples, raspberries, mint leaves and pears. With these ingredients, the water is usually sweat and satisfying.

15. Springtime Strawberry Spa Water.


For people who want to enjoy a spa environment as they lose weight, this is a great choice for them. It contains lemon, cucumber, basil and strawberry to help with body cleansing and digestive problems.

16. Strawberry Flavored Water.

strawberry flavored water

Featuring strawberry, lemon and basil leaves, this detox beverage is a great remedy for bellyaches and other digestion issues. It is well packed with antioxidants making it a good drink for the entire body.

17. Citrus & Cucumber Detox Water.



With cucumber, this drink is one of the top natural products for flushing out toxins and hydrating the body. Citrus fruits are included to supply fat-burning enzymes, nutrients and cleansing elements.

18. Skinny Detox Juice.


This is a pure juice made of honeydew melon, nectarines, carrots, pears, ginger, lemon and celery. It removes a wide range of toxins from the body and adds to it vitamins & antioxidants.

19. Strawberry, Cucumber, Lime & Mint Water.

strawberry cucumber lime and mint water

Crafted to provide many health benefits, this is a sweet drink with a good balance of toxin-removal ingredients. It has enough antioxidants to keep the body free from common infections. It purifies the intestines & other digestion organs and hydrates the whole body.

20. Watermelon & Mint Detox Water.

water melon and mint water

Watermelon is included in this drink to clean the bladder while mint leaves to calm stomach upsets. The drink is great for body relaxation and good state of mind.

21. Lemon Berry Flush Fat Spa Water.

lemon berry water
Designed for 30-day weight loss programs, this detox drink can clean out body systems, provide nourishing antioxidants & vitamin B and boost energy levels for improved fat-burning.

22. Belly Slimming Detox Water.

belly slimming detox water

This water targets belly fat as the name suggests. It includes basil for curbing appetite and cucumber for keeping the right moisture levels when exercising. There is also strawberry for speeding up digestion and adding sweetness.

23. Grapefruit, Cucumber & Orange Detox Water.

grapefruit cucumber and orange water

Described as a tangy drink, this detox product supplies water needed in flushing harmful chemicals out of the body. It also provides vitamin A & vitamin C and reverses adverse chemical responses.

24. Detox Iced Green Tea.


Tea has been proven to help with weight loss, so this drink is an effective burner of excess fat and unwanted body mass. It contains cucumber, lemons, honey, strawberries and of course green tea. It flushes out poisonous substances and stimulates the body with caffeine.

25. Berry Detox Brew.


This recipe boasts a variety of fruits and lots of benefits. It contains cranberries, black currants and citrus fruits such as lemon and orange. It can cure urinary tract infections, inflammation disorders, digestion issues and gum diseases. In addition, it provides enough energy to allow you to get the most in the gym.

26. Strawberry Spa Water.

strawberry spa water

With strawberry and lemon, this drink can provide the body with the revitalization it needs every day. It is also good for a glowing and healthy skin.

27. Citrus & Mint Infused Water.

citrus and mint infused water

Women can ease menstrual cramps with this soothing and tangy detox drink. It is also suitable for fixing digestion problems such as stomach aches and gas pains.

28. Day Spa Apple Cinnamon Water.


Made for both adults and children, this drink helps suppress appetite thereby promoting weight loss. It is suited for colder seasons.

29. Watermelon Rosemary Water.


This is great for dieters who want to coax their digestion systems or those who need some more energy in exercising their bodies.

30. Apple & Cinnamon Natural Detox Water.

apple and cinamon water

Designed to suit any weight loss program, this detox product suppresses appetite and boosts metabolism for improved fat-burning.

31. Flat Flush Detox Drink.

fat flush detox drink
Consisting of tart lime and green tea, this recipe is effective in helping you to shed more pounds. It is a stimulant and adds energy to the body.

32. Detox Water for Beautiful Skin.


Combining apple, strawberries, mint, cinnamon and lemon, this detox water helps repair skin, promotes fresh breath, enhances metabolism and prevents constipation.

33. Cucumber & Lime Detox Water.

cucumber and lime water

For those who want a more beautiful skin, this drink is a great choice for them. The detox water also eases digestion and provides hydration.

34. Strawberry Lemon Infused Water.


Containing very few calories, this beverage is a great alternative to sodas. As for benefits, one of them is; it helps relieve stomach disorders.

35. Stress Relieving Detox Drink.


This is a great source for vitamin A, C, E & K, iron and energy. It contains pineapple, strawberry and basil.

36. Detox Lemon & Lime Water.


Crafted to replace Sprite and 7Up, this brew comes with safe sugar to help you to get slimmer and trimmer.

37. Dr Oz Apple Cinnamon Metabolism Water.

detox apple and cinnamon drink

An excellent detox drink for firing up metabolism and hydrating the body. It is prepared by simmering the ingredients for about 15 minutes.

38. Strawberry Kiwi Slimdown Water.

With the help of the Kiwi fruit, this drink flushes excess salts out the body. The strawberry ingredient provides antioxidants and boosts levels of potassium & Vitamin C.

39. Blackberry & Sage Detox Water.

blackberry and sage detox water

This is a useful drink for post-menopausal women & chemotherapy patients. It provides vitamin A & C and stimulates acidic reactions for improved digestive functions.

40. Healthy Flavored DIY Detox Water.


This is a few different recipes featuring a wide range of fruits, this is one of the tastiest detox drinks. It helps cure intestinal ulcers and cramps.

41. Weight Loss Detox Drink.

weight loss detox water

As the name suggests, this drink has great potential for helping the user lose weight. It cleanses harmful compounds and gives the body enough energy. Its ingredients include: cucumber, lime, mint and ginger.

42. Naturally Flavored Detox Drink.

fruit detox water
Packed with ingredients such as pineapple, watermelon and rosemary, this beverage provide digestive enzymes & vitamins, eases belly pain and makes the user remain alert.

43. Blueberry & Raspberry Infused Water.


Supplying vitamin B, this detox drink is a great inclusion in an exercise program. It energizes and adds essential antioxidants to the body.

44. Slimming Detox Water.


This drink is very effective in flushing out harmful compounds and allowing for slimming to take place. It has ginger, orange, lemon, lime and cucumber. It can also treat bloat and add antioxidants & vitamins to the body.

45. Vegan Strawberry Lemonade.


People in weight loss programs can enjoy safe sweetness from this drink. It is sugar-free and can heal stomach disorders.

46. Watermelon & Mint Drink.

watermelon and mint drink

Those who are looking for a detox drink that targets the liver and kidney, they should consider this one. It removes ammonia and other poisons from these organs.

47. Cucumber Basil Infused Water.


A beverage crafted to remove harmful chemicals from the body and cause relaxation. It also hydrates the body.

48. Lemon Berry Fat Flush Water.


This is a must-have drink for those who are losing weight through work-outs. It supplies vitamin B and energy needed to perform exercises.

49. Orange, Lavender & Blueberry Detox Water.


A vegan & gluten-free drink that can treat hangover, headache, stomach aches and flush harmful chemicals out of the body.

50. Refreshing Detox Drink.


This is an antioxidant-filled beverage that cures digestive disorders and cleanses the blood. It contains watermelon, lemon and mint.

List borrowed from; 54health.com

Health claims are based on what has been added to the water, individual results may vary depending on how much is infused into the water to learn more check out this article Do Detox Drinks Work?


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