Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Gyms have the space and capital to invest in the purchase of separate cast iron dumbbells  and for them it will make perfect sense to do so,  catering for a wide variety of people that pass through their door on a daily basis.  For the average home gym you neither have the space or the desire to spend as much money which is why the bayou fitness adjustable dumbbells are a must have.

The chrome plated Bayou Fitness dumbbell is adjustable for people that need weight increments from 10lbs all the way up to 50lbs, they are a very high quality yet affordable adjustable dumbbell set. This dumbbell works for novices as well as expert users as the weight can be adjusted from heavy to light very easily.

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Bayou Dumbbell features:

  • The purchase option that buyers can make is to opt for buying a single dumbbell or a pair. The other option would be to purchase a pair with a maximum weight of 25lbs each, the normal set to purchase is 50lbs and of course the price varies subject to the choice of set you make.
  • A superior storage set accompanies your purchase with the tray having moulded grids making it easier to slide in the plates and the handle; each pair of dumbbells has in own stand to store the plates steadily.
  • Easy storage is possible as the dumbbells take up minimal space and can be stored anyplace in the home, without creating too much clutter.
  • The dumbbell set has a nice sheen to it thanks to a chrome steel finish, shine making it look very elegant and pleasing to the eye.
  • Built in grids provide a better grip on the handles during exercise, the friction caused between your hands is enough to give a steady grip on the handles
  • And importantly, they feature a locking mechanism for safe use as each plate is securely locked on both ends giving you peace of mind that in whatever way you use these dumbbells you should be safe in doing so.

The Benefits:

  • These dumbbells are tested very stringently before reaching the user, this is to test durability and properly looked after, could last for years
  • Competitive price and affordability given the looks, weight and the storage stand
  • Another sheer joy when using as there is no clacking and rattling sound when using because the design calls for no space in between the plates
  • Bayou Fitness is a dependable company that is very well known and offers for sale health and fitness manuals, exercise programs and guides as well as Dvd’s that have been made by a group of professional trainers that specialize making your experience of this product the best possible one.

The Drawbacks:

  • What can be to some a little bit of an effort is the changing and adjusting of the weights and would appear to tke some time working with the locks and setting the weight
  • Problematically rust may appear if not kept from getting wet or moist due to sweating while exercising, this will in the long run cause the plates to be harder to adjust with the added schlep of using a lubricant
  • Cheaper options are available but if money is not a contributing factor then this type of product will work very well


If you have tested different and varied types of dumbbell products but you are still out looking for the best then the Bayou Fitness dumbbell will be a world-class choice to make, because of the luxury and durability that this product offers.   The manufacturer also gives you the choice to purchase singles or pairs or if you prefer 25lbs only.   In addition, having adjustable weights works better for beginners and first time users as weight can be slowly added in increments of up to 50lbs and starting from 10lbs.  There is a design feature which offers tremendous safety procedures as the weights or plates lock in firmly with a durable locking apparatus.

So whether you are a serious fitness guru or just starting out on your fitness journey, this product will be a definite must have in your fitness regime and program at the gym or in your home.

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