5 Of The Best Medicinal Herbs To Maintain Youth

5 Of The Best Medicinal Herbs To Maintain Youth

Five Of The Most Potent Anti Aging Herbs

The main way you know that an extract or medicinal herb will help to fight off aging is by looking at the antioxidant content, most fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants but some are much more potent than others, a few that I have mentioned on this blog are; Cacao powder, Chia seedsMaqui berrys and Spirulina.

Not only do you need to maximize your intake of free radicals but you should also minimize your exposure to free radicals such refined sugar, artificial food additives and even toxic cosmetics just to name a few.

There are many herbs that can help you to look and feel young, in this post we will be focusing on five very potent herbs that are not only scientifically proven to keep you healthy and youthful but have stood the test of time in the respect that they have been used by Chinese and Indian healers for centuries!

Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a excellent recipe using all of the age defying healing herbs.

Green Tea

green tea powder

Herbal Tea has many wonderful benefits for your mind and body. It is very potent in antioxidants that will relieve oxidative stress on your body thus helping your body to maintain it’s youth and vigor and there are a plethora of  studies to back this up.



This plant goes by many names, it is a potent herb rich in antioxidants that is used in Ayurvedic healing, the health benefits are numerous. Here is a study which shows this herb to be a powerful brain tonic.

Bacopa Extract

bacopa extract powderYet another magnificent anti aging and antioxidant rich herb, again it has a myriad of beneficial properties but where it really excels is it’s ability to enhance antioxidant activity as well as being another potent brain tonic. Here is a study that has been performed using Bacopa Extract.


Turmeric and turmeric powder

So many healthy properties with Turmeric that I had to write an entire post on it, you can read that here. But more recently there has been a study backing up what Ayurvedic doctors and herbalists have been saying all along!

Milk Thistle

milk thistle powderMost people will look at this and think what a pretty flower whilst some will think that it is a weed that needs to be removed from my garden. This is actually a valuable herb with many restorative properties just check out all of this research showing it’s high antioxidant profile and healing abilities. No wonder it has been used for over 2000 years!

All of these ingredients can be taken by themselves or you can mix them all together to create a powerful elixir that would rival the holy grail! When used together they have a wonderful synergy that magnifies their restorative and rejuvenative properties.

Fountain Of Youth Elixir


50 grams of Turmeric

150 grams of Milk Thistle powder

85 grams of Ashwagandha powder

85 grams of Bacopa Extract powder

50 grams of Green Tea powder

30 grams of Bioperine powder – This is used to aid in absorption of nutrients, especially turmeric.


Mix all of the above ingredients together and start of with a third of a teaspoon a day and work your way up. (coffee grinder works best)

Source for recipe

If you combine this powerful concoction of anti aging medicinal herbs along side regular exercise and a solid diet plan then you will be ready to conquer the world!


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  1. June Middleton says:

    Hi! Thx for the data! But how do you take it… in what format?
    J.P. Middleton

    1. admin says:

      Sorry, I missed that part, here is the directions from the source of the recipe; Mix all ingredients with a coffee grinder, and encapsulate into size 00.
      Take 1 or 2 capsule every day.

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